Understanding RTP

If you’re new to slot games, you have probably come across several terms you may not be familiar with. One that crops up a lot is RTP. This stands for return-to-player, but even that may not be 100% clear to start with.

Don’t worry, though – we’re going to clear that up for you now. Return-to-player simply means the amount the player can expect to get back over a long time playing the same game. It is always displayed as a percentage. For example, an RTP of 96.5% means the game with that RTP should return 96.5% of total bets to the player over a long period.

Which percentage is better?

The higher the percentage, the better a game is at paying out. For example, a few games may have payout percentages lower than 90%. That is bad for the player. You should focus on those offering as high an RTP as possible – definitely in the 90% range, and ideally around 95% or even more (if you’re lucky).

Does it always work out?

It does, but only over an extended period. The one thing you should never forget is that this may not be the percentage you will get back. You could get back more or less than this.

For instance, you may end up losing a streak of bets and winning very little back for the total bets you placed. Conversely, you could hit the jackpot on your second spin of the game. In that case, you would come out of the game (if you left it at that point) with far more than you went in with.

Can the RTP vary within a single game?

It can. Sometimes, a game might allow you to place an additional bet on top of the basic bet to enhance your winning chances. This might activate other features, for example, that wouldn’t be available if you stuck with the basic bet. The additional bet option might bring a better RTP than if you just played the basic bet per spin.

Where can you find out more about the RTPs on various slot games?

Many slot games include the information somewhere on their paytable. It’s often on the last page, or included in small print elsewhere on the screen. You can also look it up online by searching for RTP and the name of the game you wish to play. And of course, we provide lots of info on a wide range of slots, too.

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