Ancient Wonders Slots

Zeus, father of many of the gods on Mount Olympus, is a noted figure in Greek mythology. Ancient Wonders slots captures the power of Zeus and uses it to turn players into big winners. Colorful graphics capture the Greek gods and their lifestyles.

This 50-payline slot is a NuWorks release. In addition to great prizes and special bonuses, the game has three progressive jackpots that are awarded at random. If you're ready to win major amounts of cash, it's time to play Ancient Wonders.

Zeus is a Prominent Figure

Ancient Wonders slots features the statue of Zeus. This is only one of the symbols that matches the times of Mount Olympus and the Olympians. The bottom of the paytable starts with colorful poker symbols, and works its way up to the scatter and Scroll wild card that are the symbols you really want to see.

Scatters and wild cards are your tickets to the bonus features in Ancient Wonders slots. One of the best is the Ancient Wonders Feature game where you choose one of seven wonders. Prizes with this bonus game are worth up to 1,000 times your triggering bet.

Free Games is the game's other exciting bonus feature. During the seven free spins, each turn comes with a new multiplier. The first spin has a 1x multiplier, the second is at 2x, third is at 3x, and so on until you reach the seventh free spin and earn the 7x multiplier. This can quickly help boost your winnings.

A Trio of Progressive Jackpots

With Ancient Wonders, you don't just have one progressive jackpot, there are three in all. The mini jackpot is usually under $100, the minor jackpot is in the hundreds, and the major jackpot is well over $1,000.

You never know if you'll win one of these jackpots. They are awarded randomly at the end of your spin.

Find Ancient Wonders Slots at NuWorks Casinos

Ancient Wonders will be available at casinos offering NuWorks games. Before you start playing, make sure you check on the latest promotional offers. Many of these casinos will match your first deposit, and this helps you play your favorite online slots for longer without risking much cash. If you deposit $50, they double it and your account balance becomes $100 instantly.

Play Ancient Wonders slots starting June 20, 2012. With 50 paylines, it's easy to realize just how simple it will be to win some cash with every spin.