Video Slots

There is no doubt that online slots are extremely popular. Even people that do not like to gamble are still up for some no download slot games. Here's some news, online casinos are claiming that they are paying out really great jackpots to people that are opting for playing video slots. Even if you want to play for real money it is a good idea to first play free video slots online until you get the feel for it. This will make it easier for you to be comfortable when wagering real money.

Video slots are fun and exciting and most of all they are very entertaining too. Video slot styles and types are increasing all the time. Video slots have better visuals than regular slot games. Most of the new video slot machines have a minimum of nine lines so it can cost a bit more to play video slots than a standard slot game.

3 Reasons Why We Love Irish Luck Slots

If you had to name some popular slot game themes, there is a reasonable chance you might think of Irish luck among your answers. Irish good luck is something we all hope to experience during our lives - even if we are not Irish. Perhaps playing slot games based on that luck will prove lucky enough for us?

Here are three reasons we enjoy playing these games. There are more, but do you agree with these as the main ones?

They're packed with color

Seriously, have you seen any slot games based on this theme? Green is always a key feature, but there are lots of other colors rolled into the games as well. Pots of gold are quite common, as are rainbows, since those pots of gold are apparently there to be found at the end of them. Whether you believe that or not, you can certainly enjoy a chance to play a colorful game when dipping into this theme.

Leprechauns tend to be lucky!

No Irish good luck theme is complete without a lucky leprechaun. They often take on the role of a wild or scatter, so they can be more useful than standard symbols. Either that or they are used as the jackpot symbol - the one you need to find five times to garner the biggest win.

They usually have several bonuses involved

When you think about it, there are lots of ways you can play around with a theme based on Irish good fortune. Pots of gold can be used as triggers for a pick-me game. Choose a pot of gold to find out how many coins are inside as your prize. Meanwhile, you could also be led to another screen by a leprechaun to see what he has in store for you. Second screen bonuses are always entertaining in these slot games.

We think it is the sheer possibilities in these games that make them one of the most famous and successful slot game themes around today. Plenty of slot players have hoped for good fortune while playing them, and while that is never guaranteed, we can almost certainly get lots of entertainment out of them.

There is one thing we can comfortably predict. We reckon we will see many more of these slots come out in future. No one shows any signs of tiring of them just yet.