Camper's Cash Slots

Camping is the all American holiday, but it is also enjoyed everywhere else in the world. After all who doesn't love getting out in the great outdoors, especially if those symbols of camping can earn you some extra coin? Camper's Cash Slots gives you the chance to take a fun look at a great pastime and also play some terrific bonus features that really add up.

Playing The Game

Camper's Cash Slots is not at all complicated to play and is a perfect slot for those that are trying out the reels for the first time or those that are experienced at online slots. You need to choose a coin amount, which can be as low as just a penny a line up to a maximum of 1 dollar per line. With 9 possible paylines this means that maximum bet is just $9. The game offers an autoplay feature as well that allows you to set your number of spins and just sit back and relax.

Camping Symbols Galore

This video slot game offers the symbols you would expect, all done up with a touch of humor and some great graphics. This includes the bear, moose, cooler, lawn chair, map, binoculars and the bird. A tent, compass, sleeping bag, camp fire and a canoe round out the possibilities that you may see on the reels.

The Happy Camper fisherman and the grizzly bear are definitely symbols you will want to watch for. The camper is the wild and, when you see three, you will get an additional chance for big prizes. The Grizzly is the scatter and also a multiplier, earning you additional prize money as well as triggering the feature game.

Features And Video Games

When you are lucky enough to see three or more campers you have the option to win. You simply touch on the symbols to reveal a prize. If you see five campers you will really be happy as you will hit the jackpot, but only if you are playing all nine lines.

The Grizzly symbol, when three or more are present, triggers nine free games, during which time the prizes are tripled. It is possible to hit the progressive jackpot during the free games and to also retrigger the feature during the free spins. Just to cover your bases Camper's Cash Slots offers a win-win feature during the free spins. If you happen to come up short in your winnings, which is less than 10 times your triggering bet, you will be compensated handsomely. If you win nothing on the free spins you will automatically get 250 times your original bet. Less than 2 times your original wager earns you 50 times your bet and less that 5 times earns you ten. Even if you win more than five times your original wager but less than 10 you will earn an additional 5 times your wager amount.

With all the winning possibilities Camper's Cash slots is really an outstanding new game. You will love the theme but you will keep coming back for the excitement.