Jazz Time Slots

If you are a jazz lover then check this one out. Jazz Time Slots is a five reel and nine pay line slot that has everything to do with jazz for the jazz lover in you. Expect to see a saxophone, a piano, cymbals, and a trombone. The touch is just a little bit of old fashioned jazz! There are two bonus games in this one! The top jackpot is 10,000 coins and it is all yours when you get five Trumpet symbols. The maximum number of coins you can play is 45. A penny to five bucks is what you can play in coin values. This is powered by Real Time Gaming. Play Jazz Time slots now!

Three Scatter Symbols

The Scatter symbols used in this slot game are the Drum Set, the Snare, and the Hi Hat but there are no wild or multiplier symbols involved. Yes, this is a total of three scatter symbols. There are no free spins available in this slot game but the bonus game makes up for it. Get three Drum Sets and it will be triggered. All you have to do is play a song and if it is good enough you will win. How is that for a jazzy good time?

The Jazz Time Bonus Round

There are two bonus rounds in Jazz Time Slots. In this one you expose the snare, drumsticks, and hi hat to trigger the round. If this happens, the screen becomes animated and a reward will be revealed.

Jazz Time Bonus Round Two

The Jazz Time Bonus Round Two is triggered when you get three grand piano symbols. Here, you are up against the classic jazz quartet that includes a grand piano, a double bass, a horn, and a guitar. You click on your instrument of choice and begin to jam. You get to keep playing until you mess up and hot a sour note. Then you are returned to the standard play game. You can win as many as 4,000 coins in this adventure.

If you want to play a slot game that gives you that all over good feeling then Jazz Time Slots is just the thing for you. While the wild and multiplier symbols are absent you will never know it and never even miss them. There are other ways to win big so you never have to worry about that!