Secret Garden Slots

The secret garden holds many mysteries, but now it is time for you to discover them when you play Secret Garden Slots from casino software producer Rival Gaming.

While playing this game, you will see many colorful vegetables and flowers, but the garden is also the happy home of various animals. Furthermore, you will meet a gardener and a lady who share a love for each other that grows as much as the plants around them.

But that is not all that grows in the garden, because you will also see a steady increase of your bank roll if you manage to spin the right symbols in this game. And besides the bankroll increasing coin prizes, you will be able to benefit from free spin gifts and the Secret Garden bonus round.

Plant Your Game Symbol Seeds

If you want to win in this game, you need to make sure that the win line combinations, the number of coins and the values of these coins are all properly planted on the slot reels. You can plant your symbol seeds on a total of 5 reels that have 3 rows, and you can line them up via 1 to 20 win lines. Pick between 1 to 10 active coins and then choose a value of $0.01, $0.05, $0.10 or $0.25.

The Most Flourishing Garden Themed Symbols in the Game

Once you have planted the seeds for your future profits, you can start to line up the symbols. The bird icon will especially give you a large profit when you spin it 5 times, because then you will be the winner of a 5000 credit reward. This bird is also the wild substitute, which you can use to replace unwanted symbols in a combination.

Furthermore, also make sure that you spin the gates of the secret garden, because when you collect three of them, you will receive a 20 free spins reward that is matched to a 2 times multiplier. The third special symbol is a master key that unlocks the bonus game if you spin it at least 3 times. Lastly, a set of 3 roses is the highest paying regular symbol in the game. You get 500 credits for spinning them 5 times on the reels.

Plant the Seeds for Your Wealth With Secret Garden Slots

Secret Garden Slots helps you to plant the seeds for your future fortunes. Take the opportunity to grow your profits with this entertaining Rival Game. First perform a few test runs on a free version of the slot to get used to its game play features, and then throw some bankroll fertilizing coins into the mix when you're ready for the harvest season.