Silk Caravan Slots

Silk. Once upon a time, it was the very symbol of wealth and opulence. The word conjures images of far-off lands and mysterious strangers. Silk Caravan Slots brings that distant time to life with a huge and beautiful game, with rich graphics and beautiful game play.

Details About the Caravan

This is a gigantic five-reel, fifty payline game with two random progressive jackpots. The major jackpot can run as high as 8000 coins, and with coin values ranging as high as $1, that can add up to a rich $8000 pot! Each payline takes a single coin bet, and coin values can be as small as 1¢ or as high as $1, so all lines may be bet for as little as 50¢ or for as much as $50. Given this broad range of bets, this super game will appeal to many levels of player ranging from the casual low-risk gamer up to fairly high-rollers who are looking for the excitement of big bets.

The Look of the Exotic East

The design of this game is superb, using imagery of a silk caravan of old, with beautiful and exotic graphics.

For the lower level combinations, card indices serve as the symbols. They are rendered in the jewel tones of water-printed silks, and they are beautiful and completely appropriate to the game. For combinations of greater value, the symbols start with daggers and bags of silks. Above those comes the Oasis symbol, then a mysterious Silk Trader. Above him comes a beautiful eastern Princess.

In addition to these basic combination symbols, there is a Scatter and a Wildcard. The Scatter in this game is an image of a Desert Caravan, and when those come up anywhere in the playfield, winnings start to multiply.

The most coveted symbol in the game is the wildcard! On this game the symbol used is a rich red Jewel. This substitutes for any other symbol in any combination with the typical exception of the Scatter. When five Jewels show up on any payline, the major jackpot is won.

Free Spins

Symbols may show up framed in gold, and when they do, free spins follow. The free spins rounds may be re-triggered during a free-spin round, making the winnings really add up fast. The number of free spins awarded varies with the number of gold-framed symbols that show up in a given combo. Multipliers are awarded with the free spins, and the winnings rack up fast.

Join the Caravan Now!

This is a beautiful and wholly new slot game. Its style is very traditional and it is easy to play with very clear controls. So settle into your favorite silk PJs and get into your favorite play station and get the reels spinning on Silk Caravan Slots tonight!