The Heat is On! Slots

This game is a fire theme with all the necessary equipment and personnel to put out a fire. Get to be a fireman for the day and see how they work and play. In addition you get great slots and winning in the bargain.

Your game is played on twenty five paylines, and you get to choose how many paylines you wish to place your wager, however, a good strategy is to play at least the lowest denomination of coin on each payline as lines that have no wager on don't win. From one cent up to $1 with a maximum bet oof $25 per spin the five reels will reveal when you have winning combinations by flashing on the screen.

Fire symbols to dowse the flames

Five of the fire engine on the reels will award you with 5,000 coins, and burning house will award you with 2.500 coins, a shocked scientific man, a Dalmatian dog, fire hats and hydrants, clock, boots, fire hose, axe and extinguisher are other icons that have various payouts check the paytable.

Be the fireman and win

As a wild symbol the fireman is very active on the screen when he appears he expands to cover every position on the reels when he appears on reels two and four only. If more than one winning combination appears only the highest winning combination pays out.

A scattering siren

The flashing siren appears anywhere on the reels and you can't miss it. It flashes and the red lights turn. The scattered wins are multiplied by your total bet. Get three or more sirens and you trigger the free games feature.

Win up to 180 free games with the free games feature

Once the free games is triggered when three of the scatter sirens appear on the reels, in normal game play, a new screen appears which reveals a wall of a house with six windows, two fireman on ladders are ready to extinguish the flames that are bellowing out of the windows. You get to choose which window the firemen will concentrate their hose. Pick one window the fireman will focus his hose on that window and you will know if he succeeds or fails - succeeding gives you extra games to play for free failed does not award you with anything. Each time a fire is extinguished you could be awarded up to thirty free games. During the free games if three, four or five sirens appear in the free games you can be awarded five, fifteen or even 100 free games, that's work working for. Your winnings will be automatically added to your bankroll.

Random Jackpots

The stagecoach slots game also has random jackpots that can be awarded after every game played. Don't miss out.

Added features for your pleasure

Autoplay is ever popular and you can choose to autoplay five, ten or twenty five automatically by pressing the buttons, if you want to have more control you can manually set the number of spins and other options by pressing the top button on the autoplay. Toggle your screen in to full mode or minimized mode. Stagecoach slots are designed to give you maximum fun.