Karate Pig Slots

Free Online Slots Karate Pig Slots has an amazing five reels and 40 pay lines but it is without a doubt a true classic. This slot game has a Kung Fu Panda martial arts type theme to it. Because there are so many pay lines in this slot game you will get plenty of wins but the bigger wins will come with the free spins and the bonus round. Play Karate Pig Slots with coin values of a penny to a dime with a max wager of twenty bucks. The jackpot is 2,000 coins.

Karate Pig Symbols

The wild symbol is the Karate Pig Logo which is stacked. This symbol can be used to create more winning combinations for you with the exception of the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the Sushi Chef. Other symbols used in Free Online Slots Karate Pig Slots include the Bonsai Trees, a Samurai, a Musician, a Karate Champion, a Philosopher, and the Laughing Buddha’s.

Karate Pig Bonus Round

During the bonus round you will have to earn your karate colored belts. This bonus game is multi layered which means that each time you trigger it you advance even farther and your prizes increase. Now there are two different variations of the bonus game and you get your choice of the Pork Chop bonus round or the Hammer Bonus round. Even more exciting is the fact that once you earn your seventh black belt you are off to use what you have learned. In a showdown match you will face the Karate Pig’s biggest and baddest opposition. Here, one of two things are going to happen, you will win money or you will lose and have to activate the bonus round once again for a final attempt to show who the boss is.

Karate Pig Free Spins

There is also a generous free spins bonus round as well. During the free spins round you get 15 free spins and the prizes are doubled. Get two Gold Shield symbols on reels one and five and you are on your way!

Auto Play

The auto play feature is also available for players who choose this slot game. Simply press the auto play button with the selection of how many auto spins you want and the reels will continue to play on their own. Be sure to play this whimsical slot game if you want to show the Karate Pig who the boss is!