The Pros and Cons of Online Slots Tournaments

Many Slots players love to play on online slots tournaments. They love the competitive edge related to these events.

The most experienced ones love the competitive nature of these events, while beginners like the combination of fast-paced action and big prize pools offered.

Depending on the casino, there might be different rules for each slot tournament, therefore its important to check the rules to ensure that you do not break any which might get you removed from a tournament.

The Pros and Cons

It's always a good idea for beginners when they want to play in slots tournament to find out as much about how tournament are run, so that they have the best advantage when they get down to play. Follow these guidelines to learn more about them.

Some Pros and Cons

  • You have more chances of winning - however, you need to be fast
  • You could win big prizes for free, - however, you don't get time to enjoy the fancy stuff
  • Your money will give you more spins - However, you don't have access to any progressive jackpots
  • You can budget and always know how much you will spend - However, can't play every time that you want.

Taking a closer look at Online Slot Tournaments: The Pros

You Have More Chances of Winning

One of the reason that slots tournaments are good, because you have a greater chance of coming out a winner. Solo playing on slots means you can spend a lot of money before getting a decent win if you are lucky.

Solo play can be a lot of fun, and give you access to some incredible prizes, but its a lot harder to hit that jackpot or high prize.

Take any slots game that has say a top prize win of $1,000 with a single spin, the chances are anything from 10,000s to 100,000s to one. You can win the prize, it is not impossible, but it's going to be much harder.

Imagine playing in a slots tournament with same chosen game, if you have a $10 buy-in then the room will take only players to reach the $1,000 prize pool. When the $1,00 is reached and the tournament starts you will have a 1 in 100 chance of winning the event and have the prize money added to your bankroll - thus you have a higher chance to win if you played solo. With a slots tournament you only have to pay the buy-in fee where as playing solo you could spend a lot more for the chance you might hit that top prize.

Winning Big Prizes For Free

There are a few good casino's that run freerolls (play for free) which are good for your bankroll, which gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes for free!

Although the free online slots tournaments may not give you access to the six or seven-digit cash prizes, these freerolls that have no buy-in or registration fee ae good ones to get started on to win money with no costs involved.

You Cannot Over-spend

A big pro with online slots tournaments you cant overspend like can so easily happen in solo play, once you have paid your buy-in (or not in freerolls) you don't have to put a cent more. Once you start playing you get lots of spins without your bankroll depleting. The faster you spin the more spins you get in and the better chance of winning the pot.

One of the cons with solo play is you get the feel of a win streak, then you continue playing to get more wins, and before you know it any winnings you have made are gone and your bankroll is getting less. You might get lucky and hit the jackpot, that happens, but it's not something that will happen every day. Slots Tournaments are a completely different world, you buy-in, get a number of credits and play. Your bankroll remains safe.

The Cons of Online Slot Tournaments

You Must To Be Fast

These slots tournaments a player needs to be able to click fast, and click as much as you can to succeed.

If you are a player that likes to check Facebook, twitter while playing then its best not to contemplate Slots Tournaments.

You cant enjoy the fancy stuff

Many of the newer slots games have lots of graphics and animations, there is no time to admire what is going to happen next. Slots tournament is about speed not playing for enjoyment. There is no time to watch the animation action when it happens, click and speed and you need to be faster than your competitors.

There is no access to the progressive jackpots

The credits/money you win in a tournament are not real money they go towards points that help to climb the rankings, to win the pot.

Although you might hit the jackpot and that almost guarantees that you will win the pot, you will only take home the prize that is determined by the buy-in and participants.

Remember, slots tournament play time is pre-scheduled and you can only play during the start and completion time. Once on the tournament you need to click as fast and as much as you can to bet the competition, good luck and happy clicking.

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