What are Second Screen Bonus Features?

Slot games have lots of assorted features and elements to look forward to. However, one thing you will often hear fans talking about is the second screen bonus feature. So, what is it, and how might it be beneficial to you?

The clue is in the name

Yes - a second screen bonus feature is a slot game feature that takes place on a separate screen to the one featuring the usual set of reels used in the base game. When you reach the bonus round, the screen will change to the second setting. You will then play the bonus, before returning to the main game with its usual reels.

Where is the second screen set?

It could be anywhere. If you're playing a slot in ancient Greece, you might find yourself inside a temple, or facing one of the Greek Gods. If you are in ancient Egypt, going deep into a pyramid to choose treasures from within might happen. If you are playing a slot based on a magical theme, you might meet a magician, or be asked to choose from the cards provided, or even choose from magical potions.

Are you guaranteed a prize from a second screen bonus?

Almost certainly, although you should always read the paytable before beginning a game that includes one of these bonuses. If you do, you can find out more about the bonus and what can be won if you reach it. Most games do allow a prize to be won from that bonus, though - and it could be the biggest one in the entire game.

Might you play a slot game with more than one second screen bonus?

Yes - some of the more in-depth games do include more than one bonus. Betsoft has released the Barbary Coast pirate-themed game, and this is a great example of what is possible. This game has a Fight Bonus involving a sword fight, and a Grog Challenge, where you must try to beat the pirate in a drinking game. There are other bonus elements involved here, too.

So, it is easy to see why second screen bonus elements are included in lots of online slots today. The providers know players love to see them, and they take you away from the reels for a while to look at something new. And when prizes are included as the possible outcome, who wouldn't want to give them a try?