Why are 3D slots so popular?

Remember when the first 3D slot was released? We remember it well, and it's amazing to think how far 3D graphics and features have come in just a few short years.

It's not surprising to learn these slot games are incredibly popular. That's why we thought we would explore the reasons why this is the case.

You get pulled into the game more easily

3D graphics, if done well, are one of the best ways to pull players into an immersive world. A lot more can be achieved with them, and you get the sense the game is happening around you, rather than just looking at a screen.

We think they are best enjoyed on a computer screen, purely because of the increased size, but you can play them on mobile devices, too. Yet another reason to check out how many 3D slots you can find at your favorite casino.

Many of the symbols and characters can be animated

3D slots often have more going on in them than 2D versions. For example, you may notice some, or even all, of the symbols appearing on the reels will move as they appear. Some will do so more than others, but it adds a certain something to the game.

If you get a winning combination, those symbols usually come to life, too. A knight might swing his sword; a grenade may explode; and a butterfly may come to life and fly off the reels altogether. You simply never know what will happen, and it makes any slot game more appealing and enjoyable to watch and take part in.

They offer a more rounded playing experience

This is probably the best element of a 3D slot. If you've never tried one, pick one to try in demo mode now. We think you might be surprised at how appealing these games are, and how enjoyable they are to play over a longer period. Certainly, we find it's far easier to play a 3D game for longer as opposed to a regular 2D game.

One thing is for sure - 3D games are here to stay, and there are lots of them you can try. Betsoft is a good purveyor of these, although there are many other software providers creating great titles, too. Many of the newer ones are in 3D, so could we be approaching the day when all new slot games are presented in this way?