Cupid's Arrow Slots

Cupid's Arrow Slots is a themed game based on Valentine's Day. The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The denominations vary from 1 cent per line all the way up to 10 dollars a line which means there is a minimum bet of 20 cents and a maximum bet of 200$. Cupid's Arrow Slots is an amazing online slot machine and has everything you want in a game. There are 41 winning combinations and included in those combinations are a large cash jackpot, wild symbols, scatter symbols and even bonuses that can be triggered. Play Cupid's Arrow Slots now and bring some romance into your life.

Cupid's Arrow Special Symbols Explained

Cupid's Arrow Slots comes with three very important symbols which are the wild symbol, scatter symbol and the bonus symbols.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol in Cupid's Arrow Slots is actually a symbol of cupid himself except with the word wild in front of him. Now the wild symbols can take the place of any other symbol to create a winning sequence from left to right and more than one of the wild symbols can be used in a winning pay line. The only symbols that wild card cannot complete are the scattered pay lines, they have to be won by landing the scattered symbols by themselves.

Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol in Cupid's Arrow Slots is the Gift Box symbol, if you are lucky enough to have 3 of these bad boys appear in your spin you are awarded 15 free spins. Best part about the Scatter Symbol's is that when you are playing these 15 free spins you are able to trigger another 15 free spins if you hit the 3 gift box symbols again multiple times! I also forgot to mention that if you win during your free spins the payout is automatically tripled! Now that can bring in some real bank roll.

Bonus Symbol: If Two hearts appear on reel's number 2 and 4 of an active pay line it will trigger the pick Gift Bonus Round which we will now explain further.

The Pick Gift Bonus Round, The Potential HUGE Payday

Above we mentioned how the pick gift bonus round is activated and again it is activated if two heart's appear on reel's 2 and 4 of a winning pay line. When you trigger the Pick Gift Bonus Round you are switched over to a different screen which features the game you are about to play. Now listen carefully on how this bonus game works. When the screen switches over to the bonus screen you are then looking at a pyramid of 7 levels and on each level there is a certain amount of gifts. Starting from the base of the pyramid to the top there are 8 boxes, 7 boxes, 6 boxes, 5 boxes, 4 boxes, 3 boxes and on the very top of the pyramid is 2 boxes.

Your first pick will start on the base of the pyramid which means you have 8 boxes to choose from. Choose wisely because if you choose a box with a pulsing heart you move up to the next level of prizes where the prizes are bigger but if you choose a prize and it comes out as a broken heart then your bonus round is over that fast!

If you are one of those extremely lucky people and somehow pick the right box on every level of the pyramid and reach the very top and pick the right box out of the 2 boxes on the top level you receive the grand prize. The grand prize is up to $200,000 depending on your wager, yes that is correct $200,000!

Before you go running off to play..

Before you go running off to play this extremely promising game a good tip that we can leave with you is always try to bet every line whether it is only a cent per line or ten dollars per line it is always best to bet every line, maximizes your pay days and bonuses! Cupid's Arrow Slots is brought to you by Wager Gaming Technology Online Slots and has been one of the best online games since it's release on February 14th, 2008. Play Cupid's Arrow Slots Now!