For Love and Money Slots

For thousands of years, man and woman have become couples for financial or romantic reasons, and sometimes even for both. Now, you can learn more about love and money and the strong feelings that these ever present elements of life evoke. Most likely, you will start to have these feelings yourself when you play For Love and Money Slots from software developer Rival Gaming. The only question is, while you fall in love with this game because of its romantic elements or its financial ones. Perhaps, you start to like this game so much that love and money both become a strong motivation to play it.

At the start of this online slot machine game, you will encounter a writer (the wild attribute of the game), who is sitting under a tree where he tries to come up with a story. This writer has the desire to create a best-selling, romance themed novel about a handsome, strong man and a pretty lady who is in distress. How will this story evolve? Will the handsome man save the lady and conquer her heart, or will she ignore his flirtatious attempts to court her? You have the special privilege to help the writer with his money making story.

Game Elements That Let You Create a Sugar Sweet Tale of Love and Money

When you want to create your own sugar sweet tale of love and money, you first have to decide how much cash needs to be wagered, and also how many casino credits you wish to collect from every triggered payline-bet multiplying reward. First decide the number of paylines that need to be active during your spin sessions. You can choose any number between 1 and 15.

After you have made a decision about the number of activate paylines, it is time to choose the number of active coins as well. The minimum number is one and the maximum number is five. Lastly, you have to decide the coin wager value. The lowest coin wager value is $0.01, and the highest one is $1.00.

The Start of a Very Profitable Love Story

This heartwarming story of love and money focuses on a pretty woman who is taking a stroll in the park. The writer is also in the same park, and the story of the woman takes place in his imagination. He places the lady in a dangerous situation, because he lets her be harassed by two ugly and mean criminals.

But luckily, it is a story of love and heroism, so this lady in distress will not have to face the two thugs alone. Suddenly, another man appears on the screen, and this is not just a normal man. He is the extremely handsome looking and very brave hero of the story, and he is more than willing to give the two harassing criminals a good beating.

Who will occupy the reels and dominate the story from that moment on? It is all up to you. You can spin the criminals on the reels, but also the hero and the beautiful lady. Other available symbols are the wild writer, the red rose, the candle, the heart shaped box with chocolates, the two lovebirds, an older couple who also takes a stroll in the park, the Cupid free spins attribute and the quill with the ink and paper.

The Writer Wild Lets You Be Creative With Slot Symbol Combinations

The wild writer functions as a slot reel attribute and a powerful coin generator. This attribute can replace other symbols so that you can complete combinations, and it is connected to a two times multiplier. Also if you spin 5 writers on the reels simultaneously, a staggering 5000 credit reward will be yours. Keep in mind that the wild cannot act as substitute for scatter icons.

Cupid Will Make You Fall in Love With Free Spins

Spin three, four or five free spins Cupid logos on the reels and you will be rewarded with a total of ten free spins. You will love these free spins sessions, because they are connected to a three times multiplier, and they can be re-triggered will the feature is active.

There Are Hearts to Be Won and Prizes to Be Claimed in for Love and Money Slots

It is not possible to predict if your romantic adventure on the slot reels will have a good ending. After all, love is a strange and very unpredictable element of life. But with a bit of luck and skills, you will be able to bring the financial part of this adventure to a good end. You will do this with the help of powerful symbols and special perks like the free spins Cupid and the wild writer.

Wait no longer. Click the spin button and put that quill on the paper. There are hearts to be won and prizes to be claimed. Start your story in a fun version of this game to test it freely while you develop your game play strategies. Then, when you feel that it is time to have a real date with money, you can play a cash version of this game at a Rival Gaming powered casino platform.