Small Soldiers Slots

I have to say that Betonsoft outdid themselves when they designed Small Soldiers Slots. It is a fast-paced high payout slot game that uses subtly to downplay the topic of war. I was quite surprised that I didn't recognize the four card symbols (which I think should be deleted from all slot games), because they are not prominent in this slot game. In fact, they are disguised with super-imposed symbols so as to make them almost moot. Small Soldiers Slots is fun to play, offers numerous bonus features, and a surprise interactive bonus game.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 40-payline bonus video slot, Small Soldiers has a jackpot worth 6000 coins. The coin denominations range from one cent to 25 cents, making it very appealing to slot players on a budget. But what is even more appealing are the "small soldiers" symbols and other symbols in this game. All have high payout values, and betting the max of 200 coins per spin is totally worth it. I would also advise players to read the pay table before playing, as it contains important information about the symbols, pay outs, and bonus features.

Who, Dares, Spins….

I can't quite figure out what these words mean as they are stamped under the title of Small Soldiers. But I am sure experienced slot players will figure it out. The symbols in Small Soldiers include: the Officer, the Artillery Gunner, The Pilot, an Infantryman, a Medic, Plane, Helicopter, Tank, Jeep, and cards ace through jack. But note that the cards have these symbols superimposed on them, respectively: Dog Tags, Helmet, Pack, and Bottle. I believe this is the first time that I have seen the symbols identified in any slot game I've played. It's a brilliant move.

The Officer, Artillery Gunner, and Pilot

These three symbols are the heard of Small Soldiers Slots. The Officer symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatters. He pays out double when appearing in a winning combination. Get five Officer symbols to win the jackpot. The first scatter is the Artillery Gunner. As the feature scatter, he will pay out 100xs your bet when all five appear. The second scatter is the Pilot, and he will trigger the free spins round. Also, he too will pay out 100xs the trigger bet when all five appear.

Free Spins Round

When you get three or more Pilot symbols, you will activate the Free Spins Round. The number of Pilot symbols determines the number of free spins. Thus, 3 Pilot symbols equals 6 free spins with a 2xs multiplier; 4 Pilot symbols equals 9 free spins with a 3xs multiplier; and 5 Pilot symbols equals 12 free spins with a 4xs multiplier.

Target Range Feature Game

Get three or more Artillery Gunner symbols and you will trigger the Target Range Feature Game. Here you will be taken to a second screen where you will be able to fire upon the requisite amount of targets. Once you do, you can progress to the next level where more targets will emerge. If you are successful at the second level, you will advance to the third and final level. For each level you play, you will be assigned an award according to the following ranks: Good (Expert); Excellent (Sharp Shooter); and Outstanding (Marksman). Note that a random prize is awarded for each target hit. Wins are multiplied by total amount wagered, and once you collect prize, ranks, and winnings; this feature ends.

Playing the Bonus Round

In Stage 1 of the Target Range Feature Game, you will be given instructions before you commence shooting. You will be given 5 targets to hit, and a machine gun to train with. Hit 3 targets to show just how good a marksman you are! After completing the first level, I won $250.00. Stage 2 of this bonus game gives you 6 tank targets, and you will be equipped with a rocket launcher. Destroy 3 tanks to be able to move on to the next level. I won $300, and went on to the final level. In Stage 3, there are 7 planes to target and you will be given a surface to air missile. Shoot 3 planes to win the level and become a weapons expert. I won this level. I clicked on collect and on another screen a Training Invoice emerged. Here, I was given my total winnings - $800 - and deemed an Expert in the first Stage, a Sharpshooter in the second Stage, and an Expert in the third stage. Not bad for my first time! I clicked on collect and received my winnings.

Play Small Soldiers Slots

I have to say I was thoroughly engaged in this slot game. The payouts were quite high with each spin, and the bonus features were outstanding. I highly recommend you play Small Soldiers Slots, and see how well you do in the Target Range Feature Game.

Where to Play Small Soldiers

Since there is no actual term for "where to find" in Military speak, we decided to make up our own acronym for this term. WTF is the new site where you will be able to find all the online casinos for US players where you can access the slot game Small Soldiers. Welcome, then, to WTF and enjoy playing Small Soldiers Slots at these top US casinos.