Why are Online Slots with Bonus Features So Popular?

Most slot players will have tried a few games that have bonus features. These could be free spins, second-screen bonuses, and all manner of other variations. Indeed, most slot game developers work hard to create new types of bonuses to keep their games appealing for as many fans as possible.

We've put together four reasons why these games are very popular. Do any of these reasons make sense to you?

They add more depth to the game

Playing a standard slot with no bonus elements gets dull after a while. But if you have a slot that has at least one bonus feature included, you know there is a chance you will eventually unlock it. And when you do, it gives you something different to try.

You never know when you will unlock a bonus feature

This is true - although some games have an automatic bonus trigger if you play a number of spins without triggering it. Any spin could be the one that unlocks the bonus feature, or one of them, anyway. And that makes it more exciting to try.

They can take you away into another screen with no reels involved

Some bonuses - the best ones, in our opinion - take place on another screen. These are known as second-screen bonuses. There are no reels, and instead you will find yourself in a different location. This is usually designed to be relevant to the main theme, and you will have a task to complete that is relevant to the theme, too.

For example, a soccer slot might ask you to try and score goals. An Egyptian-themed game may take you inside a pyramid to search for gold and prizes. And so on - depending on the theme that is relevant.

You are almost guaranteed to win prizes while playing bonus features

This is the best part! We have played very few games where the bonus doesn't result in a prize of some sort. Sometimes, you'll win more than others, but for the most part, you do come away from the game with a decent prize. Some slot games have guaranteed minimum wins too, sometimes called Win-Win bonuses.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to when you are playing online slots with bonus features. Once you know what to look for, we think you will prefer these games over many others.