Swinging Sweethearts Slots

It's Showtime and Game time when you set the reels of Swinging Sweethearts Slots in motion. In this dazzling slot title from game developer Rival Gaming, you step into the shoes of a blond girl who is the contestant in a game show. As the contestant, you need to make some potentially life changing choices. Will you go on a romantic date with one of the two available male candidates, or do you prefer to receive some material prizes like for example a toaster or a heart shaped box with delicious chocolates.

A Design for the Girls

If you're fond of the colors purple and pink, then this is a suitable game for you. The backdrop of this slot title is a design that will be especially appeal if you're a lady. Furthermore, the game show host in this slot is also an element that will please you if you're a girl who is easily mesmerized by a handsome guy with sparkling white teeth. Walk onto the game show set and make it a romantic, thrilling and lucrative experience that you will never forget.

Prepare Your Bets and Dive Into the Spinning Action

You will be able to win great rewards in this game if you manage to successfully line up prize triggering slot reel symbols. In order to win such prizes, you need to line up at least 3 symbols next to each other. These symbols will show up on the 5 available reels and 50 win lines. You can choose to activate between 1 and 50 of those win lines.

Furthermore, it doesn't cost you a lot of coins to be a contestant in the game show. You will be able to enter the stage for a wager that is as small as $0.01. The other available coin value amounts are $0.05, $0.10 and $0.25. Once you have determined the coin wager value, you can also choose with how many coins you will play (1 to 10). The highest bet in the game will give you a chance to win the best prizes, so 50 active win lines and 10 $0.25 active coins will place a daring wager of $125 on the table.

The Free Spins Rewarding Game Show Host

The game show host gives away free spins during your spin sessions. Spin him at least 3, 4 or 5 times and he hands you a top prize of 15 free spins. Additionally, he also gives away swinging free spins, which you can win during the regular free spins sessions. If you manage to spin another set of at least 3, 4 or 5 game hosts during these sessions, you will be rewarded with 5 swinging free spins. Additional credit wins are also granted when you collect game show host items. 5 times the host means 25 credits, 4 hits mean 3 credits, and 3 hits match with a gift of 1 credit.

Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True With the Multiplier Rewarding Substitute Icon

The blond girl is the game show's pretty contestant, but she also functions as the wild in this slot. Spin her during normal game sessions and win a 4 times multiplier. Spin her during free spins sessions and you will receive an 8 times multiplier. The biggest multiplier is rewarded during a wild show-up at swinging free spins sessions, because your prize will then be multiplied by 12.

The wild of course also functions as substitute icon. You can use it to replace other game icons that do not help you to complete a symbol combination. Lastly, you want to spin as much wilds as possible during a single spin, because it will be hard to ignore the casino credit reward that are matched to it.

A staggering reward of 9999 credits clatters into your bankroll cash pile if you manage to spin 5 wilds simultaneously. 4 simultaneous wild hits are good for an equally impressive reward of 999 credits, and 3 wilds hand out a reward of 99 coins. The smallest wild credit win is 9, which you receive for two wild hits.

Spin the Precious Jackpot Item

A precious golden ring also hands out a big credit reward in this game. Spin it 5 times and you get a lovely amount of 1000 credits. 4 hits with this item are good for a 250 coin prize, 3 hits grand you a 50 coin prize and 2 hits are good for 3 credits.

Win Payouts From Regular Symbols

Besides special symbols, this game also boasts a lot of regular, high paying icons. The pile of cash is your aim, because it hands out a sweet reward of 750 credits. The potential date candidate with the glasses is the second highest paying game icon. This nerdy looking man is matched to a top reward of 600 credits. The other, more handsome looking, date candidate is good for a maximum reward of 500 coins. Then comes the rose icon with a maximum reward of 300 credits.

Slightly lower paying icons are the heart shaped bod with chocolates (250 credits for 5 hits), the toaster (200 credits for 5 hits), the card symbol A (150 credits for 5 hits), the card symbol K (100 credits for 5 hits), the Q and J (both 80 credits for 5 hits), and the 10 and 9 (both 75 credits for 5 hits).

Which of the Slot Reel Rewards Will You Bring Home

Rival Gaming is a developer that is fond of slots with fun themes, and the company loves to stuff a lot of special features in these slots. Swinging Sweethearts Slots is such a game. Plan a date with it on your favorite Rival Gaming powered casino platform, and bring home some romance and a pile of cash. The game is also available as a free test version, which you can choose to play if you're not yet ready to commit to real cash wagers.