Holiday Feast Slots

Holiday Feast Slots is a 3 reel, 1 pay line slot game which is themed for the holidays and could become one of your new holiday traditions. The minimum bet is $0.01 and maximum is $10.00. Click here to play. To be specific this exciting slot game revolves around Thanksgiving and has a maximum jackpot payout of 2400 credits! To receive this huge jackpot payout you need to have 3 pilgrim hats straight across, and be sure to always wager 3 coins because this is the only way to receive the full payout on the jackpot but also is the way to turn the turkey symbol into bonus symbol. Playing 3 coins always offers the largest pay table as well! If you are lucky enough to see 3 of those turkeys on your screen you will win even more cash!

Some other Symbols and Prizes

When playing 3 coins a specific symbol (the pilgrim hat) becomes wild and can rest in between or along any other two symbols to help increase your winnings even more. All of these are reasons to play 3 coins on your spins because doing so activates bonuses, wild symbols and is the only way to collect your jackpot if you hit 3 pilgrim hats. Imagine if you hit the 3 pilgrim hats and were not playing the 3 coins, now that would really be depressing.

The Pick a Symbol Bonus Feature

Like we mentioned before when you play 3 coins you turn the turkey into a bonus symbol and if your lucky enough to hit 3 turkeys in a row you open up the best kind of bonus game. During this game you will switch screens to a different screen which gives you the option to pick random symbols and uncover a certain prize amount, but if you pick the wrong one well your bonus is over! Because of the amazing 2400 credit jackpot which can be hit more often then you think this slot game comes with no progressive bonus, but that is what makes it a unique, easy to play Slot Game.

New fast integrated Software

Holiday Feast Slots is ran on Wager Gaming Technology Slots initiative and is known for being one of the best online gaming software due to the brilliant graphics, crisp sound and easy user interface. This great software gives you the opportunity to use a gaming tool called Auto-Spin which will spin the reel for you with the same bet automatically either 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 times. If you choose a high amount of auto spins you must be sure because the only way to change it is hit the jackpot! Between each spin there is a 2 second delay for you to see the amount of money you have won.

Online play is the only way

For the Holiday Feast Slots you can only play this game by playing directly from the website as no client is available for download. The best part about this is you can try out the game with some play money to see how you like it first before diving head first into some extra HOLIDAY CASH!

Holiday Feast Slots is one of those tried but true classic slot games that a lot of people have on their mind as an old time favorite. Do not miss out on your chance to try this great game.