Sevens & Stripes Slots

Online casino players will be excited to discover that classic slot machine gaming is available online. If you’re looking for a simple, entertaining slots game, take a moment to check out Sevens & Stripes. This game is great for new slots players as well as those who have previous casino gambling experience. Everyone is sure to love playing this game!

Place Your Bets and Spin the Reels

In Sevens & Stripes, making a wager is easy; simply choose your coin size and determine how many coins you wish to bet per spin. Coin sizes for this game include $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $5.00. Players may wager up to 3 coins at a time on the single payline in this 3 reel slots game. The maximum bet per spin in Sevens & Stripes is $15.00. Remember... the more you wager, the more you could win!

Simple, Classic Symbols Fill the Reels

Gamblers delight in the classic symbols found on the reels in the Sevens & Stripes Slots game. You’ll find a variety of icons, including the Red 7, White 7, Blue 7, Red BAR, White BAR, and the Blue BAR. While the symbols are all similar to one another, combinations of these can lead to some pretty incredible prizes. For more information, take a look at the pay table for the game.

Get Ready for Amazing Jackpots

While the Sevens & Stripes Slots game doesn’t offer a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, or any bonus features, it does provide players with the chance to win some extraordinary jackpots. The largest jackpot tops out at an amazing 10,000 coins for the player who spins a Red 7, White 7, and Blue 7 when wagering 3 coins on the spin. The second jackpot can reach as high as 5000 coins for 3 Red 7’s, and those betting at least 2 coins could snag a sweet 4800 coin jackpot. While it’s hard to believe that a classic slot machine game could offer incredible jackpots like these, Sevens & Stripes always manages to please online casino gamers! If you’re ready to experience the thrills of winning, head to your favorite online casino today to get started.

Sevens & Stripes is for Every Casino Player

Many online casino games cannot be played by gamblers in the United States, but this isn’t the case with Sevens & Stripes. The game is available for all players, including those who reside in the U.S. To enjoy Sevens & Stripes, as well as many other excellent casino games, visit an RTG Casino today.

Incredible Entertainment Awaits Players

Online casino enthusiasts will be overjoyed to find such an entertaining casino game. With a number of red, white, and blue symbols, this classic slot machine game will appeal to patriotic Americans. An adjustable bet and the ability to select how many paylines on which you wish to wager makes Sevens & Stripes a fantastic choice for both high rollers and those who need to stick to an entertainment budget. Play Sevens & Strips today for your chance to wager, spin the reels, and win!