Magical Numbers: Best Casino Number Games - Play to Win

Numbers are at the heart of all casino games. Probabilities and calculations can help to win the Number Game. There are a variety of number games available at online casinos, but not all of them offer such games. It is a shame, as they are growing in popularity and individual players prefer these type of games to the multitude of themed slots they seem to be everywhere.


Arithmetics may not be everybody's cup of tea, and many a nightmare may have been caused by mathematics examinations at school. Nevertheless, using numbers correctly can give you the edge over the casino, which means that if one is prepared to play patiently, there is a greater chance of winning. The surge in popularity of number games such as Sudoku has paved the way for the inclusion of such games in online casinos' repertoire.

Digits & Memory

Remembering the cards and calculating which ones are still in the pack increases your chances of winning at Blackjack. If you have a head for figures, you stand a better chance and have the advantage over the other players and the house. Let's have a look at the type of number games that have become very popular over the last few years. Subsequently, more and more online casinos are including them among the themed slots. Table games and video poker varieties.

Best Casino Number Games

Bingo has become one of the most common number games to be found at online casinos. The popularity of this number game is undisputed. Playing Bingo at an online casino is an exciting affair. The most well-known versions of Bingo are the European and American varieties. Amazonia Bingo has interactive features, and bonus rounds are awarded once patterns are completed.

Keno is another favourite number game that is an online casino staple. The allure of Keno lies in its rich history, dating back to ancient Chinese times. Keno involves picking up to 15 numbers from one to eighty. The online version picks twenty random numbers. It's a matter of how many matches you make that leads to winning.

One of the most loved casino games is Roulette. The European version of Roulette has a zero less than the American version of the game, and of therefore preferred as the odds are better. Roulette is a pure number game. There are proven strategies that teach how to win at Roulette. Probabilities calculated over time mean that you can predict the outcome of figures that are yet to appear and subsequently up the betting at that stage of the game. A pure number game if ever there was one. Understandably, Roulette can be found at most of the better online casinos.

The Japanese invented Sudoku, and it has become prevalent these last couple of decades. The slot version of Sudoku involves spinning the reels, aiming to get all nine numbers to claim the jackpot. When betting maximum coins, the chances of getting all nine numbers increases. So pacing the wagering is a crucial factor if one wants to win big.

Many other casino games focus on numbers. Some of them may be slots with a mild theme, but heavy on the figures. The appeal of these games and the reason for their success is that players can plan and create strategies that lead to a win. It is possible to win more than you invest if you can be patient and not panic when you are down. The swing will turn and the time will come when you 'do' win. It's a battle of will and nerves, keeping your cool till the right moment when you can strike, and win; this is the true appeal of numbers games. Try one of them out. Try out your memory and arithmetic. Discover winning with numbers.