Zimba And Friends

Zimba and Friends is a colorful and exciting slot machine game that takes you on a wild and crazy safari adventure! The game features well drawn cartoon animals, plants, and fruits, as well as softly playing safari themed music that really gets you in the mood to play. The game features many of the animals you might expect to see on your typical African safari from elephants to zebras and giraffes as well as exotic and tropical fruits like bananas and guavas. The game is fairly basic to play so you won't need to learn too many rules before starting, but it has lots of added features to make it exciting. It is also a free game, so why not give it a try? You get $500 to start with when you play Zimba and Friends.

For starters, you should know that Zimba and Friends is a twelve line slot machine game. There are twelve paylines and five reels. You press the middle button to spin the reels. There are some customizations you can make based on your strategy and preferences. First, you control your betting amounts using the options at the bottom of the screen. The maximum bet is $240 and the minimum bet is $0.24 and you can choose many denominations in between. At the bottom of the screen you will also see a few more options. First, you can set the game to a certain number of spins so that you can quickly do anywhere from five to fifty spins in a row. You will also see each win amount and your total balance at the bottom of the screen. To keep things exciting, while playing this game you can get a "wild" result in two ways. First there are the wild monkey cards that appear in the reels. These can earn you re-spins in addition to your win. This wild can expand across all reels. The second wild possibility comes in the form of a giraffe. The giraffe can provide up to two vertical expanding wilds and also earns you re-spins in addition to your win. An another exciting feature, this game has many different jackpot options for the chance to pick up some major cash bonuses. First you have the cash grab jackpot. Additionally, this game has a mystery jackpot that can be won while playing. Lastly, players of Zimba and Friends can possibly win a super slots jackpot!