Boom Bucks Slots

Boom Bucks is a dramatic title, don’t you think? We’re expecting money to be involved, but beyond that, we’re unsure what Betsoft has in store for us. One thing we do know is Betsoft is one of the leading creators of slot games today, which makes Boom Bucks worth a look on its own.

They’ve gone for a traditional look here, which means you could well imagine yourself sitting in a real casino playing one of the slot machines there. So, will this game feature all the perks you’d expect from one of those machines?

How many reels and lines are involved?

There are three reels here, but you do have five lines to bet on, too.

What can you bet on the Boom Bucks slot game?

This game is interesting, as you bet either four or eight coins per spin. The game starts with four coins activated, and this will light up the blue numbers on the paytable. Change to red, and you see the red numbers activated with bigger prizes a possibility.

Does it have special icons worth more than others?

No, there aren’t any wild or scatter icons here. There is, however, one additional icon to watch for. Read on to find out more…

Does Boom Bucks contain any special features?

With each spin, the Boom Bucks dial above the reels lights up and it will land on a number when the spin ends. You then see some bucks added to the Bucks Meter. The stop-go meter under the Boom Bucks logo near the bottom right also changes. It will display either stop or go. Go means you add whatever is shown on the dial into the Bucks Meter. If it lands on stop, the Bucks Meter resets to zero.

If you spin the reels and find a Boom Bucks logo anywhere on them, you win whatever is in the Bucks Meter at the time. This adds another exciting element to the gameplay, and it is something you will probably enjoy watching.

Download and play Boom Bucks slots from Betsoft today

The game also includes an autoplay feature, and this can be used in demo mode or real-play mode. Boom Bucks provides you with an entertaining twist on the usual three-reel games, so if you are ready to try and win some bucks, this is the game you may well want to try. Spin for blue or red, and get lucky!