Snowmania Slots

As you probably guessed, Snowmania Slots is all about the winter season, and the opportunities for fun and relaxation that those months traditionally bring. School is nearly out, work is winding down, and you'll have plenty of time to hit up your favorite online gaming casinos without too much worry about being nagged. Add to that the brilliant graphical renditions in Snowmania Slots, where the 5 reels and 20 paylines offer you plenty of chances to win. It's a three-dimensional (3D) Slot, so hold on to your hat and try not to lose focus staring at the awesome animations and vector images - you're here to win loads of cash and prizes.

Snowmania Slots Game Details

As far as the animations are concerned, the first thing you'll notice when the reels start going is the cool way in which your symbols are revealed. In most Slots - as you well know - the symbols spin into view. In Snowmania, the symbols literally fall onto their respective positions after you press the 'Play' button; shimmering inside ice cubes that break open when you land a winning payline. As usual, the Wild Symbol is one to watch; it substitutes for all other symbols except for the special Scatter symbol. You should be happy when the Wild appears, because it means you're on the way to getting your hands on some holiday cash.

We can't get over just how good Snowmania Slots looked when we played - it is right up there with some of the all-time winners in the visual department. There's even your very own personal "cheerleader", in the form of a frosty snowman, which regularly encourages you to keep spinning - you're on the way to cash and prizes. In fact, Snowmania Slots helps you out in this regard with Free Spins and a Bonus Round that really opens the floodgates on the cash. It is an RTG (Real Time Gaming) Slot, after all, which means you'll have all the support you need.

Extra Games - Sweet 16 Slots and Fucanglong Slots

As you play the nights away on Snowmania and other Slots, be sure to look for both Sweet 16 Slots and the oddly-named Funcanglong Slots. The latter is homage to the Chinese Dragon, which is a giant, fire-breathing lizard that keeps guard over a huge hoard of gold treasure. The message boards have been talking about these two Slots, and they're on the way soon. There's nothing like a big payout to ring in the holiday cheer, and that's exactly what a treasure-hoarding dragon can bring in droves.