The Reel Poker Slots Party Begins

Reel Poker Slots is now out there and its fully ready to satisfy countless gamblers across the Internet with its exceptional slot game qualities and the potential size of its awards. Even more recently than its release was the announcement regarding the bonuses connected with it. Its remarkable 52 symbols, depicting the cards in a deck can deliver payouts with the exact same combination you would be happy to behold on your side of the table in an actual poker game.

The game will provide the whole of three jackpot prizes in addition to the highest-paid combination, which is the Royal Flush, which once landed, increases the winner's bet 10 000 times. The Minor Jackpot and the Major Jackpot can be awarded randomly during the entire run of the game. The Main progressive jackpot can be won via the acquiring of the Royal Flush combination. The Minor one is quite easy to get your hands on and not incredibly valuable-it will be granted to someone as soon as it reaches 75 dollars. The Major one is 10 times bigger.

It was Liberty Slots that recently announced that they are doing a special offer exclusively for Reel Poker Slots and it involves and free gift of 5 dollars for anyone who is willing to test the new game. It will work through an instant coupon code and the offer will be available to the public until the year has expired.

Reel Poker has been confirmed as being both eagerly awaited and played by many gamblers and fans of both genres. The fact that the slot is actually reaching out successfully to players outside the slot genre is impressive enough. The Minor Jackpot gets hit at least five times a day for instance and everyone playing is always attempting to grab a hold of either one of the three, being fully aware of the statistics, which clearly show multiple people winning it at the end of the day.

As a potential player of the brand new Reel Poker Slots, if you are not one already, you have to be aware of the fact that what Liberty Slots offers right now is just the first of the many hot offers other casinos will throw in the mix and present to the public. This is a slot with a huge potential and everybody-whether we are talking about casinos or players, will try to get in on the action.