Tycoons Slots

Have you ever fancied living the life of the super rich, getting what you want, when you want it. The type of person that absolutely nobody in this world can say no to? Well now you have the chance to be that very person, or at least pretend to be! The life of a Tycoon can be stressful, managing that amount of money can take its' toll on you, what can you do with all that money when you already have more than you could ever want? Most of us will never have such things to worry about, but now and then it's nice to dream a little. Betsoft have once again came up with an amazing slot that takes you away to fantasy land where you get to be a Tycoon, if only for the night. Tycoons is such a fun game to play, with those ridiculously great graphics that Betsoft simply keep providing. With awesome game play and a smooth sound track, you get to party and play with the richest crowd in town. This 3D slot has some superb features too that give great prizes and the chance for you to sample the good life if you manage to take it home...if only for a while!

A Game fit for a Tycoon!

Tycoons is a five reel 3D progressive slot with a decent maximum jackpot of $7,500. There is no wild symbol, no scatter symbol or multiplier, however it does offer free spins and a bonus game for you to enjoy. There is a great betting range on offer from $0.02 up to $1.00 and you may wager up to 5 coins per line. The lack of a wild symbol is a little strange, however when you play the game you will find that the wins drop in regularly anyway, keeping that balance going. There are a number of cool features that will keep you occupied. The symbols are well designed and include the dealer, the stack of cash, gold bars, a cheque, along with the usual playing card symbols. The free spin feature is awarded when you see a simple "fs" symbol on any winning combination that includes the game specific symbols. When the free spins are activated either reel 2, 3 or 4 will turn into a wild reel and all wins that are made up of the games special symbol will be doubled! A click me feature is triggered when, on reels 1, 2 or 3, the cheque, gold bar and cash symbols appear. Simply click on one of the symbols and take home your instant prize. There's also a fun little feature where you get to find out which of the four tycoons wins the poker hand, pick the correct tycoon and take away the money.

Be a Tycoon for the Night!

Tycoons is a whole load of fun with some of the best graphics out there. The features are cool and it has enough to keep you smiling all evening. It's yet another great game from Betsoft and is sure to be a popular option for all online slots lovers. Give it a whirl tonight and you could end up becoming part of that exclusive group....The Tycoons!