3 Elements to Look for in Three Reel Slots

Three-reel slots are among the most basic of online slot games. The name gives away the number of reels you will spin - three of them, and that is the lowest number of reels you will come across.

So, with a basic format to go on, is there much to learn about these slots? If you're new to playing online slot games, it's worth figuring out as much as you can ahead of time. We've got three elements you should watch for whenever you play these slots. They can influence whether you decide to play these, or to go for something more complex.

The number of coins you wager on the payline can influence the potential payout

Most three-reel games give you an option to play one or two coins on the payline, and sometimes even three coins. The paytable will usually indicate the winnings for each option.

For example, a one-coin bet might return a jackpot prize of 800 coins if you get the right combination. If you bet two coins, that might be increased to 1,500 coins. Three coins would trigger the biggest return of all, which could be 2,500 coins. Sometimes, your prize is the same per coin, i.e. 500 coins for a single-coin bet, and 1,000 coins for a two-coin bet. But in the example above, betting three coins opens the way for a better prize.

Watch for a wild icon

Some three-reel slots will have at least a wild to help you form a winning line. Sometimes, the wild might offer the biggest prize, too, if you can get three to complete that line. Some games also offer multipliers attached to one or more appearances of the wild.

Look for a chance to win a prize for a single appearance of a low-value icon

Cherries are the classic low-value prize winner in a three-reel slot. If they appear in the leftmost position on the line, you will usually win a prize that amounts to returning your bet to you for that spin. Two cherries usually offer a prize, as well as three. If the symbols change, you will usually find the lowest-paying one still takes on this role, so watch for that, too.

Now you know some of the things to look for in three-reel slots, you can start enjoying them more than you ever did before. Which ones will you begin with?