Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Unlock either the good side in you, or your dark, alter ego in Betsoft's “Good Girl Bad Girl” slot title, where players choose from an angel or a devil, both of whom want you to score big.

About The Game

What's unique about this slot title is that players constantly have to choose their perspective. Because the screen is split in two, with one side representing good and the other side representing bad, players can go back and forth between the two. If you elect to play in good mode, the paylines go from left to right. In the bonus rounds, if you play as the angel, expect a smaller payout in exchange for less risk. If you decide to play as the devil, the pay lines will go from right to left. Playing as the devil yields higher risks in the bonus rounds, but offers higher rewards in exchange. In general, playing in good girl mode, yields smaller payouts with less risk. The opposite is true in bad girl mode where you stand to gain higher winnings but at a higher risk.

“Good Girl Bad Girl” is 5 reels with 15 paylines to go along with two progressive jackpots, one jackpot for the good girl and the other jackpot for the bad girl. Players can play in both modes through the game. Playing in both modes at the same time means you will pay twice the credits per spin, but you get the best of both worlds. You can bet from $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50, with each payline taking up to five bets.

The Symbols

The symbols in this game are moneywheels and pitchforks which can serve as 4 times multipliers. Another symbol is the halo which are wild. Landing a halo can double payouts. If you land both a halo and a pitchfork on the same line, the click-me mode will commence. In this mode, bonuses to be received will depend on the mode or modes you were playing at the time.

The Bonuses

A popular component is the double-up bonus round. In this round, players have a 50% chance of either doubling their winnings or losing it all. Your fate hinges on whether or not the coin correctly lands on the good girl or bad girl.

Other bonuses include the Money Wheel. Landing at least three money wheel symbols activates this round. Here you will either spin to win free spins or other prizes. You also have the chance to win one of the progressive jackpots, depending on which mode you're playing in and if you place the maximum bet.