Independence Day Slots

Casino and Slot games have been springing up online at a rapid pace. More and more today we are seeing business that were once purely physical, take a turn for the online world. Casino games are no exception. Independence Day Slots features a new type of online slots game, one that has been increasing in popularity at an ever-increasing rate. Independence Day Slots is a video slot machine. A number of online casino websites have been pushing these out onto the web. Of those, Independence Day Slots is an eye catcher. It's a really neat slots game with a feel good American patriotic theme. Let's take a look at this new game from Wager Gaming.

The Gameplay

Like many other standard slot machines that can be found on the web today, Independence Day is a five reel video slot machine. Independence Day slots is a nine pay line game, which is quite a bit lower than the majority of 5 reel slot games, which usually feature anywhere from twenty to twenty five pay lines. Independence Day Slots feature a wide range of coin denominations, starting from a humble $0.01 and going all the way up to $10 per coin while the maximum number of coins permitted per spin is 9. Calculate this out and the maximum bet per spin is a decent $90. If you are so lucky as to win the ultimate jackpot, you have the chance to rake in up to $100,000.

Independence Day Bonuses

Something you should look for and something that is great to have in every online casino and slot game, is a good bonus games. Whether it's multiple bonus games, or one good one, it's certainly a must and Independence Day Slots doesn't disappoint. The patriotically themed slots game comes with a bonus game that is triggered by a video symbol that depicts the Declaration of Independence. Keeping the theme of USA and red white and blue, players of Independence Day Slots should be excited to by the appearance of this historic document on the five reels of this video slot machine game.

Symbols of the Game

Independence Day Slots features a number of symbols that help create the patriotic theme that are so fitting for its name. Featured in the game are a number of symbols including a map of the United States, symbols depicting Uncle Same, the Statue of Liberty, a bald eagle, a cannon, Mount Rushmore, and the Liberty Bell. This aesthetically rich video slots game features no numbers or letters as symbols.

Scatter Symbol

Another common practice among slots games is the presence of one or more scatter symbols. Should a player have the scatter symbol appear to them, they may find themselves with a payout without any pay lines getting filled. In Independence Day Slots Betsy Ross, the famous and historical woman who was responsible for sewing the first American flag takes her place in this video slot game as the scatter symbol. This great symbol really adds to the game, which like any good slots game features both a bonus game and a scatter function. The Betsy Ross symbol also helps greatly in keeping with the patriotic theme of the game.

Play Independence Day Slots Now!

Featuring a unique array of historic symbols and patriotic imagery, combined with a bonus game and scatter function, Independence Day Slots boasts one of the most visually appealing slots game plays around today. The video slot aspect really takes the experience to a whole new level that just isn't found with the static imagery normally seen in online slot games. Play through history and take your chance at the $100,000 max jackpot today!