Choose Your Season with Holiday Slots!

In the summer I can never remember how cold it was six months before. I complain about the heat and bugs and wish for the leaves to fall. Then winter comes and I've forgotten why I wanted the snow to come. No matter what time of year it is, I can always find a reason to wish the seasons to change. If you're like me, then shut the windows and turn on your computer. There are lots of fun seasonal slots you can play no matter what the thermometer reads outside.

Bask in the Rays of Summer with Independence Day Slots

The fourth of July is a hot, vibrant and exciting party and Independence Day Slots captures the celebration is this great game. Independence Day Slots is a five reel video slot machine with nine paylines. Play with as little as 1¢ or go for the big payoff with a $90 bet. You could win the ultimate jackpot of $100,000 which will buy a lot of fireworks.

The Declaration of Independence is the most significant document in the history of the United States and it is a significant symbol in Independence Day Slots. Get 3 of these symbols and trigger the Declaration of Independence Bonus Game. The game has three rounds where you can choose your candidate, the location and then the landmark. Each choice will win you a prize.

Another important symbol is the Betsy Ross Scatter Symbol. Betsy Ross first sewed the star spangled banner, and in Independence Day Slots, she will help sew together what you need to win. The other thematic symbols you'll find in Independence Day Slots include a map of the country, a bald eagle, Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty and more. There are no letters or numbers in this game, every symbol is thematic and fun. Independence Day Slots is a great way to capture one of the most exciting summer highlights any day of the year.

Baby, it's cold outside, so curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and play this cool Winter themed slot. Winter Wonderland Slots is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line slot machine. Play it safe with a 1¢ bet, or play for the big win with a $200 wager - the choice is yours. But, no matter what coin value you choose, play all 20 lines so you don't get frozen out of any chance to win.

If the Skier skis onto reels onto reels 1, 3, and 5 you'll launch into the Bonus Round. If multiple lines cross through the bonus symbols when you activate the round then your Bonus Round prize will be multiplied by the number of pay-lines crossing through. The game takes place on the slopes, with eight selectable targets. Choose your target and the skier will ski down the slope to the selected target to reveal your prize. Then you advance to round two, where there are three targets for you to choose from. Once you've chosen the skier will ski to your target and reveal your second prize. In round three you have another three targets to choose from and the game progresses in the same manner as round two. After round three, your prizes are cumulated and added to your balance. And don't worry, there is no way to wipe out on these slopes, you're guaranteed a win.

You're also looking for Snowflakes. Hit 3 or more Snowflake Scatter symbols and win 15 free spins! And because you can retrigger your free spins, you can, in theory play for free indefinitely as long as the Snowflakes keep falling. And all of your winnings during your Free Spins are tripled except for bonus wins and additional Free Spins.

Play All Year Long

So whatever season you choose, there is a game for you. Whether you prefer the excitement of mid summer or the wonder of winter, check out these great slots and don't be controlled by the calendar.