How Do Free Spins Work in a Slot Game?

Do you love free spins? They're one of the best elements in any slot game, because they give you the chance to win real prizes without paying for the spins.

We've laid out some of the features you'll spot whenever a slot game includes free spins for you to enjoy.

Free spins are usually offered as a bonus feature

Some slot games - although not all - offer bonuses as part of the gameplay. One of these is often a set of free spins. There will be a trigger you must achieve to get the free spins. More information will be included in the paytable, so check that out if you are looking at a possible new game to play.

The free spins assume the same bet you triggered those spins with

Since you don't pay for your free spins, but you do get a chance to win real prizes with them, the betting assumes you are wagering the same bet that triggered the free spins to begin.

So, if you were wagering 30 cents a spin when you triggered the free spins, that bet will be used to calculate any prizes that come from the free spins.

You can sometimes trigger more free spins from within the first set you win

Some slots don't allow you to win more free games while playing through your free spins. However, plenty do, and these are the best ones to play. Sometimes, games have a maximum on the amount you can win, while others are unlimited. Technically, these mean you could go on getting free spins for a prolonged period - maybe dozens of them!

More triggering icons can mean more free spins, too

Usually, you'll need three of the triggering icons to grant you a set of free spins. However, some games allow you to win more free spins for getting four or five triggering icons.

So, for instance, three icons might win you 10 free spins, while four would win you 15 free spins. And if you got five, you might be lucky and win 20 free spins. The info will be in the paytable so you can see how an individual game works.

Get ready to win some free spins in the next slot you play

Free spins are popular among many slot players - and for good reason, too. You can check out a huge range of games online now, so why not see if any of them offer those freebies?