Dino Island Slots

Ah, dinosaurs. These gigantic reptilian beasts were the subject of all sorts of toys and adventures in childhood. Of course, massive lizards that once roamed the Earth would be great entertainment and thousands of stories have been generated of their survival since the discovery of their fossils. But what if they really did survive somewhere within the far reaches of our own planet still dwelling after their abrupt end? Dino Island slot brings the adventure and discovery into a slot game that anyone can master. The game even comes with a small story to throw you within the confines of something exciting; something Jurassic even. As a paleontologist, the discovery of dinosaur fossils is always a blood thrilling venture, but today you've discovered something even more stunning: live dinosaurs. Before your very eyes you see the creatures you've been studying for years like a stegosaurus and even a humongous sized triceratops. Through the game takes place at a strange island, a 5 reel 25 pay line slot game will pull you back to the comforts of your living room. Bets are varied within Dino Island and you will find yourself at peace choosing wagers from $.01, $.02, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, and $5. So while the dinosaurs may scare you, your betting will at least be a breeze!

A Random Progressive Jackpot to Chase After

While a random dynamic jackpot can sometimes be a pleasure to behold, the strictness and difficulty of its nature turns away many. Dino Island features a random progressive jackpot available following each and every spin. The better the spin the more will be contributed to the jackpot. This means you can walk away with a small jackpot after one spin or a massive haul after a long gaming session.

Wild Dinosaurs and a Scattersaurus

Wilds in Dino Island may substitute as all other symbols besides the scatter symbol. A wild in a winning combination will double the entire prize. If one or more wilds contribute to a win, the higher win is paid. Scatters can play in any direction. A scatter win is multiplied by the entire wager.

Special Dino Feature

Three scatter symbols on reels 1,3, and 5 trigger the Dino Egg Bonus Feature. This pits players to choose between 3 volcanoes that each carry a special egg. The following round throws the user into a selection of eggs to determine their cash prize for the special feature!

Dinosaurs are Among Us

Dino Island is a ferocious slot game that brings a new life to the popular genre of games. Whether you are a dinosaur lover or not, this game will keep you up throughout the night- each spin of the reels another heart pounding experience of dinosaurs and money.