License to Spin Slots

License to Spin Slots Is what you get when you combine James Bond with winning money and nice elements like cars and babes. Everybody likes the Bond franchise because the life he leads has a certain sort of appeal to it that is deeply innate to us all. The same cannot be said of License to Spin Slots, but it is still a decent slot game that can quickly become addictive. It also has a certain amount of charm that despite some missteps, mostly hits the mark. We recommend License to Spin Slots without hesitation. During our time with it, we have no regrets, and feel players of all skill levels will largely feel the same about it.


The premise of License to Spin Slots is a play on the James Bond franchise. That would cost millions to license, so instead, we are rewarded with a cute cartoon parody of it that we feel in many ways is likely better. There is charm to the way it comes together, and all the iconic elements of the franchise are present. The only odd part of it is seeing the titular character being somewhat villainous looking, but we can forgive that because we win money when we play this game.


Graphics in License to Spin Slots look like something lovingly done by an artist that adores Disney but still has some work to do on understanding forms. The colors are great, the expressions are decent, and the UI is kind of an afterthought, but the whole thing still comes together well. The drinks in particular look nice, and there are nice touches to the winning screens, such as you parachuting down like a spy to claim them. We really appreciate these little touches, and they go a long way towards making the game feel endearing.

The boats, planes, and playing cards featured all look great too, as do the martinis, which look good enough to drink.


The gameplay in License to Spin Slots is pretty decent. Although much of it is standard, there are two separate progressive jackpots, which on their own is enough to keep people playing. With only three reels to match, things are also kept fairly simple, which makes for a fast paced game when it comes to playing and betting. This game goes very well with some good music or a nice audio book, just spinning the night away raking in the dough with a funny and cute theme thrown on top of it.


+ Nice theme + Good graphics + A lot of heart + Nice little touches here and there are endearing


- Gameplay is a little standard and safe - Some of the characters look a little wonky. The babe in particular is not that babe-y.


License to Spin Slots Is a cute little James Bond slot machine game that we did not know we needed in our lives. Now that it is here, however, we are happy it arrived, and appreciate the work the developers put into it. It plays it safe in most respects, but for many players, this is likely a plus. Everything flows very well, a keen attention to detail is evident, and the double jackpots have us spying on our coworkers as they play it in hopes of claiming their winnings as our own. Anyone with a heart and love for spy films can get behind a slot like this. It comes together well on seemingly all fruits, the only thing holding it back being the seemingly little effort put into the UI by comparison. Still, this game is a complete and total package that we can recommend without hesitation to players worldwide.