Treasure Room Slots

You've watched the Indiana Jones films countless times as he came across fabulous treasures. You've perhaps even dreamt about being a Pirate Of The Caribbean, in search of ancient treasure. Now its time to put down the remote, stop playing Laura Craft in Tomb Raider, and to go on your own treasure hunt by playing Treasure Room Slots, an online casino from Betsoft.

About The Game

Treasure Room Slots is a five reel game with 20 paylines. Replete with spectacular 3D graphics, online gamblers are treated to a fun adventure with a screen filled with gold and treasures serving as the symbols. Players are thrust into a time forgotten cavern with a secret room filled with forgotten loot. Because the game has 20 paylines, players can bet as much as $30 per spin or play as small as two pennies.

Popular symbols featured in this game are treasure chests, gold coins, diamonds, gemstones, swords, shields, calenders, and the jackpot symbol.

The Bonuses

Players are treated to a fun, pleasant experience, in a room piled with gold and ancient hieroglyphics. The goal is to amass the precious loot symbols to unlock the bonus rounds. If you match up five treasure chests, you will earn 1,000 credits for every coin wagered. The maximum amount that can be won is 5,000 credits. If you land three calender icons, you will commence a second bonus screen, where players are presented with three doors. Behind each door is either a coveted gemstone or other lucrative treasures and bounty. Even sweeter is the chance to open all three doors that earns you bonus credits. And the more calender icons you hit, the bigger the rewards you will amass.

By landing three sword symbols, players will have the chance to garner extra earnings in the instant coins round. In this round, players are presented with swords and shields to pick from. Here you click away at the swords and shields, with every click earning you coins. In this round, online gamblers can win anywhere from 125 and 5000 coins in a blink of an eye.

Last but not least is the progressive jackpot. If you place a maximum bet and land five treasure chests, you will land the jackpot. The progressive jackpot currently stands at more than $6,000.

What's interesting is that this game doesn't offer free spins. Nonetheless, Treasure Room Slots is ready to dazzle you with endless piles of gold and riches. You can play this game at Drake's Casino.