Reel Poker Slots

As an online casino gamer, you’re probably just as fond of Slots as you are of Video Poker. Well, in WGSs relatively new Reel Poker slots, you get the best of both worlds in a single game. The full name is Reel Play Poker: Jacks or Better, and it’s definitely a rollicking good time.

What to Expect in Reel Play Poker Slots

Well – you can certainly expect to be regaled by the spinning of the reels, and the cash and prizes the right combinations can bring you for the holiday season. The paylines function just the same as in the average slot; offering you multiple chances at the jackpot. The Video Poker attribute is where your strategy really counts in this unique casino game, where a winning Poker hand nets you especially big bucks because of the slot action going on.

The Slot Aspect is Fantastic!

At first glance, Reel Poker looks like the standard 5 reel, 20 payline Slot; this illusion is partly accurate. One major difference is the symbols on the reels: they’re all playing cards from traditional Poker. With 5 reels and 3 cards on each reel, you’ve got 15 cards in all with which to play. After that, just play the usual way – pick the coin size to make your bet, enable the desired paylines and let the games begin. The Spin button is easily visible, and will launch the Reel Poker slots screen into a dazzling display of lights and movement before delivering your Jacks Or Better hand.

Keep playing in order to construct that winning Poker hand, by choosing the cards to hold and the ones to get rid of. As always, a couple of Jacks does your wallet good; if you can get pairs of the higher card suits – even better! The Reel Poker Slots: Jacks or Better software from WGS actually provides suggestions as to which hand to hold; but of course, you don’t have to take these suggestions and can play your own.

The Luck of the Draw is Yours to Be Had

Summing up what to expect: there are 52 cards in the Reel Poker Slots deck, and the gamer – you – can take advantage of the built-in 61% hit rate. The symbols, which are the card jackets, can pay out no matter which way they appear in the correct order – left or right. There are 100 different way to win, so keep yourself in the game by betting on the paylines. A random Free Spins feature pops up every now and again, and Multipliers are enabled to help you even further. The two jackpots are as follows:
  • Minor Jackpot of $75 at most
  • Major Jackpot at $750 max
You can actually win them on every spin if you’re lucky enough, and there’s a Progressive Jackpot feature that activates if you choose 5 coins. With all the help this game gives you, the elusive Royal Flush isn’t nearly as rare as it would otherwise be.

Ultimately, even though Reel Poker Slots has a slots-feel; the trick to winning in this game concerns knowing when to hold and when to discard. In that way, the Poker aspect dominates. With payouts as high as 800 times your betting amount, it’s definitely a game that can make the holidays merrier than ever before, and it is brought to you by WGS with happy tidings.