3 Things to Look for in Five Reel Slots

Five-reel slot games are among the most popular games that players enjoy today. Modern graphics, 3D elements, and many other appealing perks combine to bring in an audience. It's no wonder most players count five-reel slots among their favorites.

We've looked at three of the things you should look for in every five-reel game you play, to make sure you improve your winning chances.

Wilds and scatters

A wild is a symbol that is chosen to replace most of the other symbols used in a game. Sometimes, a game may have more than one wild. Sometimes, it might expand to cover a reel, or act in another unusual way. However, whatever the outcome is, it always brings good news for you.

Scatter icons are those that only need to appear a set number of times to win a prize. There is no need to line them up on a paid line to win with these.

Free spins

Who doesn't love these?! A game will usually require a combination of icons to appear for you to be awarded some free spins. There might be a set number, or a number that increases if you get more triggering symbols. Free spins often bring a multiplier value credited to all prizes too, perhaps x2 or x3, for instance.

Some games will allow you to trigger more free spins if you get the same triggering combo in the original set of spins. Some allow unlimited retriggers, too (our favorite feature).

A second-screen bonus game

A second-screen bonus will take you away from the main reel set to another location in the game. This could be anything from an Egyptian temple to a location in the depths of a forest. It will be related to the theme of the game, and the idea is to follow the instructions to try and win as much as possible from the bonus feature. It is rare to leave a bonus feature without a prize of some sort, which is good to know!

Five-reel slots are popular for good reason. If you have started looking for some good slots to play, bear the above pointers in mind before you do so. They will help you identify the slot games with the greatest number of features, and those that offer a nice amount of variety. Both these elements combine to present you with a great game to enjoy.