A Night In Paris Slots

A Night in Paris is supposed to be for fine wine, great food and a romantic walk along the river whilst taking in all the beautiful sights this city has to offer. But there is a darker side to Paris, a world of theft, deception and danger where you are here to play the hero and save the day. Priceless works of art have been stolen from the museum and your job is to get them back safely. A Night in Paris has a great theme and is very original, where you get to play the security guard Jerome who is helped by his fearless guard dog Pierre, as you take to the streets of Paris trying to catch the criminal Jacques and stop him taking the riches of the museum. The graphics, animation and sound effects are truly amazing and will entertain you for hours. A night in Paris also has some great features to keep you entertained and chasing that thief! Let's take a look at the symbols that matter and the features that could help you solve a crime and take home the loot for yourself.

Awesome Features!

A Night in Paris offers three extraordinary features! Possibly the most fun feature is the appropriately named "caught in the museum, where whenever you collect three or more Napoleon paintings, an animated sequence unlocks allowing you to try and catch the thief and stop him getting away with the bounty. It's great fun with great graphics and more to the point it gives you the chance to take home some big prizes. Who does not like to win "Free Spins"? This is another one of the three incredible features. You will receive free spins as soon as you see three or more police badges roll in. These police badges will start appearing while the thief is being persecuted by Jerome and Pierre. All you need to do is sit back and watch that free cash come in. Your prize can be much higher if you unlock the Multiplier feature! You will unlock this great feature when you combine the thief, police shield and security guard symbols. Let them spin and watch them multiply before your very eyes.

Enjoy your Night in Paris!

Ok, so it may not be the most romantic night in Paris you will ever have, but it sure is lots of fun and will keep you entertained for hours on end. With superb graphics and sound, and smooth gameplay you are sure to enjoy this slot. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and get to Paris because you have a thief to catch!