Jackpot Jamba Slots

When it's hot outside and you need that cool drink to sip on while you spin away the evening, why not mix yourself a cocktail and get fruity with Jackpot Jamba. This game has a great party theme to it, nice and laid back, with lounge jazz music playing in the background as you dance the night away. The graphics are pretty cool for a more traditional styled slot, it's not a classic three reel machine but it does have that look and feel about it. It's simple to play and it can be very rewarding. Jackpot Jamba is a game for all types of players, it has a good bet range and for those of you who enjoy a more relaxing type of video slot without the big sound effects and the flashing lights this could be the perfect game for you!

The Deal at Jackpot Jamba

This great little video slot is a progressive slot which means you get the chance to walk away with big, and we are talking big bucks. After any given spin the progressive jackpot could land on you giving you a life changing amount of money. It's a five reel machine with nine pay lines and a regular cash jackpot of $12,500. You won't find free spins a multiplier or a scatter symbol here but ot does offer you a wild symbol which drops in pretty often and creates those winning lines. There is also a bonus round where if you see five Party Sevens on an active pay line, then you get to choose a balloon and you are awarded a prize. A nice feature of Jackpot Jamba is that win lines can start from reel two and this also gives you a good chance of making those winning combinations. The coin range is pretty good, from $0.05 all the way up to $5.00 and you are offered five betting levels. As the betting levels go up so do your potential payouts, so you do get a very good range of winning options here on this slot.

Give it a Spin Tonight!

In summary this is a very nice offering from Betsoft. It may not be like many of todays' animated 3D video slots with all the features that can be built into a slot. This slot goes down the simpler road whilst at the same time offering the online slots lover everything they need. So relax, pour yourself that drink and get into that laid back jazz mood with Jackpot Jamba!