Whospunit Slots

The question isn't so much Who done it? but rather, Whospunit, another involved, 3D slot adventure from online casino game giant, Betsoft.

About The Game

Whospunit is a slot game featuring slick, 3D graphics and animations. The setting takes place in an old, English mansion, where players are involved in a murder mystery storyline. This game comes with a host of characters with interesting back stories to keep you going along. This game is 5 reel with 30 paylines. The object of this intriguing online casino is for you to spin the reels, where along the way, you collect stars. Collecting stars will help unlock clues to the identity of the murderer. You can bet as little as two pennies and all the way up to $75.

The amount of stars you gain is based on the winning combinations as you spin the reels. From the onset, players are immersed into the plot with a countdown to Detective Mode. So it is imperative that you amass as many stars as you can before you enter Detective Mode. Gamers will have to decide how many coins to use per payline. The maximum of coins per pay line is five. You can either spin the reels yourself, or place your spins through automatic mode. Gamers who come up with a winning combination will be eligible for bonus games where they can double their money. In this mode, players will encounter the wealthy mansion owner, Lord Wellington, whom you can't help but notice rolling a coin on his fingers. You will be prompted to choose heads or tails. Guess right and you will double your winnings.

Detective Mode

The Detective bonus consists of three different levels, each with reels for the purpose of collecting evidence to unmask the murder weapon, the location and ultimately the murder. On all three levels, gamers must collect five articles of evidence before they can advance to the other levels. After completing each level, you will question the murderer, and along the way picking up lucrative rewards. To help players keep track of the clues, Whospunit features an evidence icon for instant review of clues. If you figure out the identity of the murderer, you just might win yourself 320,500 coins.

The Symbols

The icons in this game are character icons, maid icons, evidence icons, and a golden wild icon. The golden wild icon can show up anywhere on the reel where it will substitute any regular icon. They also happen to payout as much as 1000 coins if you line up 5 of them on a payline. If you land five character icons, you will earn 10 free spins. Even better, each character icon offers additional bonuses during free spins such as Maid icons that offer 20 spins with a double multiplier.