Agent Cash Slots

More suave than 007, James Bond, is Agent Cash Slots, the ultimate virtual spy with the fate of the world hinging on your coins. This slot game is a Wager Gaming Technology game.

About Agent Cash

This 5 reel 30 payline 3D adventure has a jackpot of up to $100,000. You can bet as small as a penny to up to 30 cents per line. The maximum wager is $300. And to be expected in this game are the virtual gadgets, with some that explode across the screen. MI5's Q-Branch has nothing on this title.

The symbols in this game are Agent Cash, a well dressed, dark haired man with a pistol, who represents the scatter symbol, there is also a heat seeking missile, and the Aston Martin, which represents the wild symbol. It subs for other symbols except the jackpot symbol, which is Dr. Smiley with an eye patch. Depending on your other symbols, if you land two or more Aston Martins, you can earn anywhere from 50 to 1,250 coins.

Regular 3 symbols will net you up to to 100 coins. There is a brunette bond-like girl symbol as well. She represents the vertical wild symbol which will land on either reel 1 or 5. Landing her will cause her to expand over the entire reel. The blond bond girl is the bonus symbol in this game. She will only land on reel 1, 3 and 5. Landing her will give you the option of picking a bonus game.

The Bonuses

The jewel in this game is the Pick or Die bonus round. Players should know that you will have to play all 30 paylines to make this round eligible. It takes three blond bond girl symbols to hit on reels 1, 3 or 5 for activation. A new screen loads with Agent Cash joining the blond bond girl with Dr. Smiley at a card table. Here, thirty different cards appears, with each card representing a prize or a stopper card. You must flip as many cards as possible to win prizes, being careful not to hit the stopper card which ends the round.

In the free spins mode, you are given 8 free spins. To commence this round, players must hit three or more free spins symbols on the reel. In free spin mode, landing an exploding wild symbol on reel 3, can result in 2 to 15 symbols changing, thus increasing your winnings dramatically.