Hunt for Gold in Klondike Fever Slots

The days of trekking through the Klondike in search of gold and riches are long gone, but players can still hunt for treasure in the 5-reel, 5-payline Klondike Fever Slots game. The simplicity of this entertaining slot makes it easy for novice players to grasp, but it offers enough entertainment to keep veteran gamblers engaged. If you're ready to try your luck in Klondike Fever Slots, register, wager, and spin today.

Bet Cash to Win Prizes

Online casino gamblers who like to play their favorite slots for real money will be pleased to learn that wagers in Klondike Fever range from $0.01 to $25 per payline; this means that gamers who select all five paylines can bet any amount between $0.05 and $125 per spin, making the game an excellent choice for both budget players and high rollers.

Encounter the Wild, Wild West on the Reels

Klondike Fever Slots uses an 1800s gold mining theme, and the symbols reflect the theme very well. The icons on the reels include Shooting Targets, Steer Skull, Horseshoes, Pickaxes, Bison, and Sacks of Gold. The Wooden Sign symbol is the most valuable icon in Klondike Fever Slots, and it garners a 10,000 coin win for those players who manage to land five on an active payline.

Experience the Ultimate in Game Control

Although the Klondike Fever Slots game lacks a wild symbol, gamers will enjoy using Skill Stop; this handy feature allows players to stop the reels in the middle of a spin for potential gain. Gamblers often use Skill Stop in an effort to increase the odds of a win and gain more control over where the reels land. When you're ready to take the element of chance out of Klondike Fever, check out the useful Skill Stop feature.

Klondike Fever Slots also offers an extensive auto-play feature. Not only do players have control how many spins occur during auto-play, but the game also allows the gambler to select how the timing of their spins; opt whether you prefer zero, one, or two seconds between spins. Auto-play is also useful for players who want the reels to stop turning when it hits a predetermined gain or loss of credits. As a customizable feature, auto-play allows gamblers a high level of control over their gaming experience.

Strike it Rich in Klondike Fever Slots

While the days of bearded, grumpy prospectors now exist only on the pages of history books, slot machine players can still search for their lucky strike in Klondike Fever. While the game may not offer all of the features that some gamblers have come to expect, it still has plenty of excellent qualities. Whether you're using Skill Stop, the auto-play feature, or anticipating a big win on the reels, this game is designed to give players plenty to get excited about. High payouts, great graphics, and superior entertainment rule the reels in Klondike Fever Slots.