Heroes Realm Slots

Don't miss Rival Gaming's Heroes Realm slots. The 3-D graphics provide an exceptional gaming experience that you won't forget any time soon. This is a three-reel slot game that stands apart from classic slot machines simply because they pile on the bonuses.

The moment the intro scene appears, you know you've found something special. Watch as the male and female heroes slash their way through skeletons that come to life before your eyes. Bones fly while realistic sounds capture the battle at hand.

Symbols in Heroes Realm Slots

There are a number of symbols in this warriors slot game. Potions and flails are worth 5 to 45 coins when you land three on a screen. The shield and sword are worth 30 to 120 coins. If you get a mix of potion, shield and sword earn up to 24 coins. Treasure chests provide payouts of 1 to 300 coins depending on your wager and the number of chests appearing across the three reels.

Maces require a match of three to win 75 to 225 coins. Battle axes pay 60 to the jackpot win of 750 to 2,250 with a match of two or three ax symbols across the three reels.

The skull and the pair of crossed swords are very important symbols. When you land three skulls, you earn a trip to the bonus round. Two crossed sword sets offer 10 free spins, and if you're lucky and get all three matching sets of crossed swords, enjoy 50 free spins.

Skull Bonus Round

During the bonus round, choose either the male or female hero. A village appears on the screen and soon skeletons attack the houses. Direct your hero to battle the skeletons. Once you've succeeded beating the four small skeletons, a huge boss skeleton appears for you to defeat. With each successful defeat, you earn coins.

Tips and Strategies

Play Heroes Realm slots and enjoy a range of wagering options. Start by selecting the coin value. Options range from a penny to $1 and you can bet one, two or three coins on the single payline. If you've only bet one coin on the payline, the jackpot prize is 750 coins. For the jackpot 2,250 prize, you must wager all three coins, so it's worthwhile to make this max bet.

Be Amazed When You Play Heroes Realm Slots

The sounds really capture the adventurous feel to Heroes Realm slots. Download the Rival Gaming casino game at your favorite casino and start playing. You'll be surprised how much fun it is to conquer skeletons to win cash.