Liberty 7's Slots

Honoring the colors of The American flag is Liberty 7s slots, a Wager Gaming Software product by Vegas Technology.

About Liberty 7s

The number seven is the name of the game here. Featuring crisp bold graphics with the red white and blue colors everywhere, the makers of this game have produced a feel good game, designed to keep you playing for hours. You can play with a single coin, two coins or three coins. Amounts that can be wagered are a dime, a quarter, fifty cents, a dollar, five dollars and ten dollars. This a 3 reel affair with a single payline. There are thirteen different winning combinations to be hit in this slot title. The maximum bet that can be placed is thirty dollars.

The symbols here are the classic seven and bars, which come in red white and blue. Other symbols include the single bar, the double bar and the triple bar. The goal is to line up the symbols in a specific color to win yourself some money. The payouts go from the left of the reel to the right. The jackpot in this game is 10,000 coins. To win this, you need to land a solid red seven, a solid white 7 and a solid blue 7 on the line in that order. Land this combo with a single coin, and you win 2,400 coins. Land this with two coins and you win 4,800 coins. Play with three coins and hit this combo and you win the jackpot.

Other winning combinations include landing three solid red 7's which yields you 5,000 coins. Three solid blue sevens on the payline yields 150 times your bet on a single coin, 300 times your winnings with two coins and a super 450 times multiplier of your winnings if you wagered three coins. Three solid white sevens produces 200 times your winnings with a single coin, 400 times your bet with two coins, and 600 times earnings when playing with three coins. Hitting three red sevens on the payline with one coin wagered, results in a 1,199 multiplier of prizes, a 2,400 multiplier with 2 coins, and 5,000 times your winnings when you play with three coins. God bless the red white and blue with Liberty 7s.

Where to play

If you're feeling patriotic, you can play Liberty 7s at most online casinos or you can elect to download it on your computer and most mobile, smart devices.