Monte Magic Slots

Forget Michael Copperfield and his illusions, its time to break out the virtual magic tricks and pull your own rabbit out of the virtual hat, by playing Monte Magic Slots. This game is powered by Wager Gaming Software.

About the game

Monte Magic Slots is a simple 3 reel game with only a single payline. The design is patterned after a classic, magical show. The graphics are soothing, colorful and gleaming to put you in the mood. The first trick for you to perform is choosing your coin size. You may choose from ten cents, a quarter, fifty cents, a dollar, five dollars or ten dollars. You can play up to 3 coins. The jackpots are modified here, based on the coins you play. To pull out the $24,000 jackpot, you must hit three black hat symbols and play three coins. To win the $16,000 jackpot, you must land 3 black hat symbols and play with 2 coins. The third jackpot is $8,000 and again you must land 3 black hat symbols with a single coin. All in all, there are 19 different winning combinations.

You can play for real or you can play some practice rounds to get the feel of it. There is a cashier button that takes you instantly to the cash out screen if pressed. The symbols in this game is of course the previously mentioned, black hat which also represents the wild symbol. Landing a single black hat will double your winnings. Land two, quadruples your earnings. Other symbols in the game are three stars, two stars, one star, magic stick and the rabbit which represents the bonus symbol.

The Bonus

The bonus round commences when players when at least one rabbit lands on the third payline and you have placed your bets with three coins. In this mode, players are taken to a screen where 12 cards appear with dollar amounts. The dollar amounts fade away as the 12 cards mix. You must choose three cards. The three picked cards are then shuffled and you again must chose a card from this group. The card you pick will reveal your prize. Its important that you don't fall for the illusions and keep your eye on your card.

Where to play

Monte Magic Slots can be played instantly at several online casinos. Players can also elect to download this title on their computers and most mobile smart devices.