Kawaii Kitty Slots

With amazing 3D graphics and an upbeat feel-good soundtrack, this 5 reel 10 payline slot is way to cute to pass up. Betsoft put a huge effort into developing this very graphically pleasing experience. Enjoy a cat meow every so often as you choose your bet levels or enjoy your winnings. Every spin introduces a faster-paced tune that follows with a lighter clicking tune per each reel that stops. The paytable offers a helpful variety of adorable symbols that is captivating and easy to understand. You got to love that Kawaii Kitty symbols will always be smiling back at you with every spin. It's hard to stop spinning on this game when everything is so pleasing to the senses. Adorable kittens, uplifting tunes, and plenty of opportunities to hit the jackpot.

What to Expect

Kawaii Kitty is a 5 reel, 10 line video slot that offers a great experience for penny slot players with a minimum bet of $.01 and is great for high rollers who are looking for a bit more of an uplifting experience or for an adrenaline rush. All the symbols available in the gameplay left to right and right to left. The game also offers the wild and respin opportunity, which will appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Enjoy landing on a wild yarn and having it expand to fill the reel, all non-wild reels are respun giving you another spin opening up chances at large scores. Symbols included in the game are the milk scoring highest at 250, the brush scoring highest at 120, the mouse which scores at 60, the fish treat which scores at 50, the ribbon scoring at 40, and both cat foods scoring at 25. Just because this title is cute doesn't mean it can't be without a little edge. Double up happens after any standard win, press the double up button to multiply your winnings and hope to win again! Another great feature is the Gamble all button that lets you gamble half or all your earnings and pressing heads or tails on a coin spin.

The Cute, The Risk, and The Fun

Kawaii kitty displays itself as a cute uplifting video slot machine but there is much depth to this title. Yes, you have very adorable symbols smiling and enjoying their time as you spin them across the 5 reel. You have the kitten purring and meowing every so often to remind you that Kawaii Kitty is just the cutest thing. But if you are ready for the adrenaline rush, move your cursor over the double up or gamble all options and enjoy winning big time! Kawaii Kitty offers a clean hud, easy to interact user face, fantastic 3D graphics, cute symbols, and fun for all types of players.