Heist Slots

Are you ready to play your part in the biggest Heist in history? You will need to be on your guard and keep your eyes wide open, as you watch cop against villain in this thrilling, action packed adventure of a life time, where the result hangs in the balance. Qualand is a master criminal and never leaves a trace behind him, like a black cat he slips swiftly into the night after his work his done. Over the years he has stolen millions of dollars, priceless jewels and art whilst always managing to slpi away without being caught. He has been followed around the world by Detective Kowolsky who has never been able to get near him. For seven years he has worked day and night trying to figure out Qualands' next move, and now he knows he has one last chance to get his arch enemy trapped and behind bars. The heat is on both the cop and the thief as they are about to go up against each other one last time. Qualand is preparing the biggest Heist he has ever attempted and Kowolsky knows about it. It's a 9 million dollar game of cat and mouse. The graphics and sound effects on Heist are amazing and will keep you glued to your seat. It's a fast and fun theme with plenty to do and to enjoy...Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Heist!

Heist Features and Symbols

This superb slot is a 5 reel 3D game which is non-progressive and has a jackpot of $2,500. It comes with all that you want as far as symbols are concerned, with a wild, a scatter and also a multiplier. This game also has a great bonus round along with everyone's favourite free spins. The coin bet range is from $0.02 up to $1.00 and the maximum amount of coins you can wager on one line is five. The symbols on Heist are cool and all are really well designed. There is the villain, the cop the map, a stopwatch, a security lock, cash and diamonds...everything you would associate with a Heist. It's the features that really stand out on this game, and there are plenty of them. The Glass Cutter feature is triggered when you land three or more glass cutter symbols. You simply select one of the glass cutters and get an instant prize. It could be one of three prizes, free spins, a win credit or access to the main bonus round. The wild reel feature is activated when you get the C4 symbol on the centre reel in position 2. This will make the reel wild and lock it and all wins are given a 2X multiplier. The drill symbol is the scatter and this will give you a nice payout when you land any three of them. Three drills equals 150, four will give you 300 and all five is 750. If you hit on three or more vault icons you go to another screen and get to play the villain himself. It's your turn to enter the vault and take home the loot, but be quick and make your escape before the detective catches you!

Play Heist and take Home the Cash!

This is a real fun game to play with a whole heap of features and more than enough to keep the most demanding slots lover happy. So, what are you waiting for...there is a job to be done get ready, be prepared and make that Heist tonight!