Wilds Scatters and Multipliers – Oh My!

Forgive us the spin on a famous line from The Wizard of Oz, but we thought it would be appropriate for an article delving into three of the most familiar slot game features you will come across.

You may be familiar with some of these already, but if not, settle in for a journey through some of the features you will be looking for when you next play some slot games.

Wild icons

A wild icon is a symbol that counts for most other symbols in a slot game. It might be presented as that word and nothing else, or as a symbol that is relevant to the game's theme. Some games allow the wild to replace the scatters, but this is rare. You might also find a wild offers a multiplier value - such as x2 or x3, for instance - if it forms part of a winning combination.

There are different wilds in action in some games, too. For example, a sticky wild will remain in place for one or more spins. Meanwhile, rolling wilds will move from one reel to the next until they drop off the screen. Other variations also exist.

Scatter icons

A scatter symbol is so-called because you can win prizes with the right number of them, no matter where they happen to appear on the reels. While other symbols must appear next to each other, typically from left to right, you can win with scatters just by getting enough of them. Some games will require three or more to win something, while others require just two. They can also often be the trigger to receive some free spins, or to gain access to another bonus feature.


These are always good to see, because they hold the key to getting some bigger prizes. We mentioned the idea of a multiplier value being attached to a wild, but they can appear at other times, too. One of the more popular examples is for all free spins prizes to have a multiplier value attached to them. This could be x2 or x3, or a varying multiplier that changes with each prize, usually chosen at random.

You might also benefit from increasing multipliers on prizes when you win several prizes in a row. Here, you will win more as the multiplier increases by x1 with each successful spin, up to a maximum as set by the game's creators.