Gunslingers Needed for Gold Rush Showdown Slots

Plenty of online casino players enjoy western-themed slots, and Gold Rush Showdown is a fun, fast-paced game that gamblers will love. Gold Rush Showdown takes a humorous approach to this well-established style of slot machine gaming, making it an enjoyable experience for any player. Offering an introductory movie, plenty of bonus features, and great entertainment, this title is definitely worth any gambler's time.

Exciting Graphics on the Reels

Gold Rush Showdown is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot that offers three different bonus games. The graphics offer a cartoonish charm, and the symbols include a Pair of Pistols, Spurs, the Sheriff's Badge, a Bag of Gold, and a Cowboy Hat. Gold Rush Showdown also includes a cast of Wild West characters who trigger the bonus features.

A Gold Mine of Bonus Games

There are a variety of characters that unlock bonus games and may lead to amazing wins on the reels. Billy the Quid, Prospector Pete, El Bandito the Bandit, and the Big Bad Bull may sound dangerous, but these characters offer players the chance to win incredible prizes. Keep reading to learn how each cast member can help you in the game.

  • Landing Billy the Quid on the first reel, followed by bandit-style characters to the right, triggers the Cowboys versus Bandits Bonus Feature. Once the right combination lands on the reels, players will be treated to a realistic gunfight where they must shoot as many bandits as possible in the time allotted. Gamers can choose to do their own shooting, but they may also select the auto-fire option. Once the initial gunfight has ceased, players will have a chance to shoot the Bandit King; if he drops three diamonds, gamblers will be awarded with the progressive jackpot.
  • Between one and four El Bandito icons on the reels will offer the chance to enjoy the In the Reels Gunfight. Again, players have the chance to shoot at the bandits on the screens. This time gamers score prizes for each bandit who is shot; the value the prize increases with each bandit shot, so excellent aim is a must.
  • Landing three, four, or five Prospector Pete icons on the reels launches the Prospector Scatter Bonus Feature. Gamblers will receive a treasure map and have the opportunity to choose between three and five spots on the map, depending on the number of times that Prospector Pete appeared on the reels. Each spot on the map could be worth a cash prize, but it could also have no value at all.
  • The Big Bad Bull may look like trouble, but he can be a player's best friend in Gold Rush Showdown. Simply wait for this character to appear in an otherwise winning payline, and watch how he acts as a substitute for most other icons on the reels.

Gold Rush Showdown Slots offers Plenty of Fun

This slot offers a high level of interaction with its characters, and the prizes can be spectacular. The bonus features also offer exciting entertainment, and many players love having the chance to enter a duel with the bad guys in the game. Between the graphics and gameplay, this slot keeps players coming back for more. Check out Gold Rush Showdown today for your chance to wager, spin, shoot, and win.