Different Types Of Progressive Jackpots

Most slot players will be all too familiar with progressive jackpots. But did you know they are not all identical?

We've covered some of the more common versions you will find in slot games online today, so you know what to expect when you next play a game that includes them. Be aware some versions are used in real casinos rather than in online ones, so we have focused only on those you might encounter online.

Fixed progressive jackpots

These are usually triggered when they reach a certain amount. They still begin to amass in the same way as usual, with a small amount from each bet placed going into the progressive jackpot. But this jackpot will have a triggering amount, such as $25,000, for example. When it hits that amount, the player who made the bet that took it to that amount will win it.

These jackpots are exciting because if you spot a game where the jackpot total is very close to the triggering amount, you know you stand a better chance of being the one to win it.

Random progressive jackpots

These are so-called because they are awarded at random. There may not be a specific trigger to make this happen, which means it could trigger at any moment and on any amount. You simply never know if you could be the lucky player to do it…

Multiple progressive jackpots

In this instance, you will have one game that offers two or more progressive jackpots to try and win. These are usually labeled according to size. For instance, you might have a mini, major, and mega jackpot, with each one getting progressively larger than the rest.

Jackpots available to every player, and those available to those betting a specific amount

These are worth mentioning, because not every progressive jackpot is available for every player of a game to try and win. Some slots require a certain amount to be bet on each line for that player to have a chance of winning the pot. If you bet below this, you won't be in the running for the prize.

You can see there are some variations out there, and the better you understand them, the easier it will be to choose games that give you a shot at winning a progressive pot, while not going over your budget or betting limit. Choose wisely and you never know whether your luck might be in.