The More Bonuses The Better: More About Slot Game Bonus Features

Lots of players love slot games, but games that have bonus features tend to be among the best ones of all. That's mainly because you have additional winning chances whenever you play these games, not to mention the chance to enjoy some variety during gameplay.

We've covered some of the more interesting bonus features you might find, so you know a little of what to expect.

Anyone for some free spins?

Free spins are one of the most familiar bonus features slots players will encounter. They may be standard free spins, just like the base game they appear in, or they could offer a multiplier to enhance prize amounts. Some may take place on a second set of reels, and some may have other features included too, to enhance the gameplay.

Pick a prize on the reels

Some slot games include prize-winning bonuses that occur on the reels. This usually requires you to get several identical symbols appearing in a set format, and you then pick one to secure the credit prize hidden behind it.

At other times, you might get one character or icon appearing, and you can click on any of the four adjacent squares next to it. This is also known as a Click Me Feature, for obvious reasons. You can often continue clicking on the icons until a 'collect' message appears, so there is a chance in these games to win as many as three prizes before that message appears.

A second-screen bonus

As the name suggests, this occurs on a completely different screen to the main reel set. You may find yourself in a mine, a cave, a pyramid, or anywhere else that is relevant to the main game theme.

You may be asked to choose items, or to work your way from one level to the next in the case of multi-level bonuses. Regardless of the format, there is a chance of winning credit prizes that could be significant.

Enjoy all kinds of bonus features in today's slot games

Some software providers develop more bonuses than others. For example, Betsoft games tend to have lots of them, and they are closely associated with the main theme in each game. But you never quite know what to expect when you try a slot game with one or more bonus features - only that there is something thrilling to look forward to.