Enjoy 3 Crazy Games from Microgaming

Microgaming has lots of games you can get stuck into, but as you're about to find out, some are crazier than others! We've unearthed three games that put crazy themes to good use, so if you are looking for something new or different to try, maybe one of these will be your ideal choice.

Crazy 80s

If you're old enough to remember the Eighties, you'll remember they were crazy in some respects. Now, the Crazy 80s slot game has tape cassettes, Rubik's Cubes, and other icons that are closely associated with that period.

You've got nine lines in use here, so this is a good game to try if you have a smaller budget. The wild boombox goes wild, and the scatter is a set of green leg warmers over purplish-pink shoes! Yes, that's a hard one to miss…

Crazy Chameleons

Chameleons can blend into their surroundings very well, so that gives you an idea of the animals you'll find in this game. It's another bright one, with sunshine, surfboards, and yes, chameleons involved as well. As such, it's an odd mix of icons, but with five lines over five reels, it's a good one for beginners to get started with.

There are no special icons here apart from the wild, which looks like a wave breaking for a surfer to enjoy. Are you ready to see if the waves are going to break in your favor?

Crazy Crocodile

From chameleons to a crocodile now, as we dive into the Crazy Crocodile slot. Microgaming has gone for a basic three-reel slot here, with a familiar mix of bar and seven symbols among others. There is a crocodile too, of course, and this will bring prizes for one, two, or three on the payline.

You'll notice that while there is one payline involved, you can get three crocs to win a smaller prize than the jackpot if they appear scattered over the reels, too. But getting three on the line will bring you the top prize, which changes according to whether you play one, two, or three coins.

So, if you fancy a crazy time with a slot game, maybe one of these appealing slots will fit the bill. They're not the most modern of slots available, but Microgaming has done a fantastic job with each one. Will you be lucky with one or more of these crazy games?